TDF | The Duskan Front: Handbook


Within this handbook lies The Duskan Front’s internal workings, basic rules & guidelines, and methods of progression. Please make sure to read every topic. By using our servers and participating in our groups you agree with these guidelines and understand that they are subject to change at any moment.

Remember that the Roblox Terms of Service apply on our domains as well. Breaking these or the rules stated below will result into appropriate action taken against you.


Political Hierarchy
Rank Structure
Promotion System
Strategical Locations
Dress Code
Social Links
The High Command Personnel
List of Deployments
List of Important Codes

Year 3, post-revolution.



Finding loopholes in the following rules will result in a warning, suspension, or demotion depending on the severity of the situation. This includes the encouragement of others to break the rules of the handbook rather than yourself.

At all times, the following must be strictly followed:

  • When representing TDF at any event, you are required to wear the according uniform unless otherwise stated.
  • Any regulations, rules, or instructions posted on the Discord server must be followed.
  • Higher ranking personnel are to be referred to as “Sir” or “Ma’am” depending on their preference.
  • Although it is not generally a rule*, you are expected to be in a corresponding voice chat whenever attending an event.

(*) A few divisions and departments may consider this mandatory and unexcusable.

Is subject to undefined punishment, the following:

  • Any disrespect or insubordination - respect of your high ranks should not at any point falter.
  • Any kind of exploits (aimbots, auto-clickers, general script attacks) are strictly prohibited.
  • Disrespecting or threatening fellow TDF units in any medium that involves our group. If disrespect outside of the TDF medium becomes severe enough, a harsh punishment will be enforced.
  • Leaving any TDF institutions to avert any kind of punishment will result in further punishment.
  • Any abuse of group admin privileges are strictly prohibited and will likely result in an indefinite rank-lock and is subject to exile.
  • The act of wearing TDF attire that is not meant for you (e.g. the Officer Armor or any divisional uniforms) will result in punishment.
  • Impersonation of any TDF official or division, whether it be a low rank or high rank, will result in punishment.

Political Hierarchy

Our society is composed of three main political roles. That being stated, an elaboration upon each political rank and their duties can be found below:

The Emperor
The Emperor of The Duskan Front is the supreme authority in our ranks and holds full power to exercise his sovereignty upon his domains.

  • Any large military action or deployment must first be authorized by him, with the Directorate members as counsellors.

  • In addition, the emperor is able to dismiss, contract or promote an officer he deems fit, to any position within TDF, including its divisions and departments. This, however, is only a provisory measure in case of urgency, for the Emperor always acts with rationality and for the well-being of his citizens.

The Directorate
Appointed by the Emperor himself, the Directorate acts as the political and military senior leadership of TDF.

  • They are tasked with the appointment of Generals and division leaders; management of technologies, troops, housing, funds, security, et cetera.

  • Furthermore, the Directorate may act as the central political figure in absence of the Emperor.

Responsible for the government of a local sector, they are the Empire’s proxies on its vast domains.

  • May be selected by a general election or appointed by the Emperor himself.
  • Together the Viceroys compose the Senate Chamber and are able to pass new regulations, acts and laws, which will then be voted by the Directorate.

There are also a few mechanisms which may be used accordingly to the well-being of the Empire. Below are two of the most important ones:

Magistrate’s Will
Should the need arise, the Emperor and the Directorate have full authority to act upon their own wishes for the clan without consulting.

  • This includes formal nominations for political or military roles, declarations of war/peace, and use of other mechanisms such as the Martial Law.

Martial Law
Martial Law may be declared on the event of a dire situation which may threaten the sovereignty of the Empire, the Senate Chamber, the Directorate or the Emperor.

  • This will lead to the creation of a temporary Order Committee, formed by Generals and one Director (who holds veto power), which has absolute power within the Empire.

  • The Martial Law can only be revoked by order of the Committee or the Emperor.

Rank Structure

The Duskan Front is composed of a complex militaristic rank structure in which powers are balanced equally throughout the group. That being stated, an elaboration upon each militaristic high rank and their duties can be found below:

Generals of The Duskan Front are the administrators and strategists of the military and are accomplished leaders.

  • They have shown their valor and military might through vigorous combat and leadership excellence.
  • Generals are sworn in by a vote through the recommendation of a Viceroy or Directorate member.

Colonels are individuals who have excelled in combat, leadership, and education of lower ranks.

  • Colonels are often tasked with any duties that a General would wish to execute, and they are then obligated to perform their duties to the full extent of their power without any interception from the high political system.
  • They are handpicked by the Generals, and can only progress to the rank if they have been an existing Field Officer.

Field Officer
Field Officers, as the name entails, are officers that have experienced field combat multiple times and have shown their military prowess while deployed.

  • These units are tasked with teaching lower ranks how to perform in and out of the field, how to prepare for fighting on both foreign and domestic lands, and how to act in general.
  • These can be appointed by a consensus between a Colonel and a General that agree to take full responsibility for the actions that a Field Officer makes.

Lieutenants, the second officer rank, are ensigns that have shown their dedication to the Front and its militants.

  • They are experienced in teaching soldiers, and are required to host trainings to further excel fellow soldier’s careers.

Ensigns are the first officer rank of The Duskan Front.

  • Through their experience as a low and middle rank, they have mastered the ability to efficiently train soldiers and are officially authorized to do so.
  • Ensigns achieve their rank through the Officer Academy, which they have progressed through while they were a Staff Sergeant.
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Promotion System

Low Rank Promotion

Currently The Duskan Front operates under a system of merit and expertise. This means your activity, maturity, skills, etc. are taken into consideration to hand out merit points for you.

  • Merit can be earnt at events, such as trainings, raids, rallies, etc. Once the required number of merit points are earnt, the soldier can progress to the next rank. (Note: This does not apply to the political hierarchy)

A member is able to view their accumulated merit points by navigating to the #bot-commands channel of the discord and typing “?merit”.


You can achieve superior ranks by collecting the certain amount of Merit. Below is a table showing how much you need for each promotion.

Rank :unlock:
Initiate 1
Scout 15
Specialist 35
Corporal 70
Sergeant 125
Staff Sergeant 200
Sergeant Major 325

High Rank

Officer Selection
However, the process for Staff Sergeants is more complicated. If they wish to pursue a career as commissioned officers, they must enroll at the Officer Academy. To do so they should request an instructor to allow them to join the school and attend classes weekly.

Officer Promotion
Every promotion they must be recommended by a higher officer who agrees to take responsibility for the former’s actions. The rank of General is only achievable through direct recommendation and vote of the Directorate.


The Empire consists of many departments, divisions and detachments - here are the most important ones.

The Administrative Board
The ADM is, jointly with the Domestic Affairs Department, in charge of administration decisions and human resources. Its activities include reporting and evaluating promotions, invitations, internal-affairs, corrections, et cetera.

Public Security Department
The PSEC is responsible for the safety of our citizens while inside our domains. Its sub-deparments are the Strategic Protection Detachment (SPD) and our Automated Defense System (Aegis).

Marine Corps
The MARPs are a division within the Military largely responsible for tactical and specialized raids and territorial defense.

Intelligence Department
The INT is under direct supervision of the Directorate and is responsible for gathering, assembling and protecting vital information for the functionality of the Empire.

Officer Academy
The OFCA serves as the program within TDF which Staff Sergeants must go through to in order to become High Ranks.

More information can be found at <Archives/Affiliates/Regulation-Acts>.

Strategical Locations

The Duskan Front is a vast empire, every officer and soldier must be aware of the key strategical locations to the well-being of our sovereignty.

  • The Terrarium
    The Terrarium is a central military headquarters and rally plaza. Located in The Duskan Front’s capital city, it is a hub for hosting rallies, trainings, and intellectual activities.

  • Holographic Training Facility
    The HTF uses an advanced Virtual Reality technology to increase our soldiers expertise on field. Trainings and tryouts are usually hosted here by Ensigns.

  • Estellar
    | Sector Charlie - 03 / Class: City
    Estellar is a city within TDF’s domains, it is a regional hub of distribution. A center of attraction for refugees and enemy deserters.

Military Sectors:

  • ATLAS Facility
    Intelligence Facility | Status: Raidable
    ATLAS is one of the key components of our intelligence network. It is a crucial location, designed to process and redistribute satellite imagery data to our command centers.

Dress Code

Our soldiers are required to have our uniforms. Using an improper dress will be considered impersonation and result in punishment.

LR - Main Power Armor (Mk. II)
A specially crafted armor piece for an all-terrain combat scenario.

HR - Main Power Armor (Mk. II)
A boosted version of the LR-PA, packed with high-capacity energy containers and a crimson cape personally given by the Emperor on the Officer Academy Graduation Ceremony.

Department Uniforms
Divisional uniforms will be located in the respective Division handbook.


In case of emergency, break the window and pretend you didn’t see this section.


Below are the most important laws, which, as a soldier, you must be aware of.

To access our public Senate Library click here.

Social Links

Central Communications Server
Currently our communication is based on Discord. To access our Central Communications Server your account must be 13+ years old.

  • If this requirement is met, you may find our discord invite in the group page on the section Social Links, under “Members”.

Twitter Account
If you wish to keep yourself updated with important development or social announcements our Twitter account is the best way to go!

  • @TheDuskanFront (WIP)

We usually store our system-data on trello so everyone may see it. This includes scheduled trainings, meetings, rallies and raids.

The High Command Personnel

Here is a list of the current positions taken within the High Command of the TDF. This includes Generals, Viceroys and Directors.

The Emperor

  • TrippyV - The supreme leader of our Empire.


  • Arcuatus - Chairman of the Directorate
  • BigPapiEraser
  • byc14


  • Bobbacco


  • blueattud

List of Victorious Combats

The Duskan Front is a military clan with great objectives - it is inevitable to face conflicts with other groups. Here you may see reports of scrimmages, raids and defenses.

"Se vis pacem, para bellum"
If you want peace, prepare for war.

Click here to see a list of our victorious deployments:
Type Date Group Place Leader Extra
RAID 30/12/2019 F.E.A.R. Zorah Diub d2e0185c
SCRIMMAGE 08/01/2020 F.E.A.R. Maersk blueattud
SCRIMMAGE 09/01/2020 IGAR Maersk blueattud FkFBUccjOHka
DEFENSE 10/01/2020 TTI ATLAS Diub
DEFENSE 10/01/2020 TPS ATLAS Diub
DEFENSE 12/01/2020 TPS ATLAS Diub Pulled out
DEFENSE 12/01/2020 RAA ATLAS TrippyV

List of Important Codes

If you are having trouble to understand a specific code-word or acronym you may search for it here.


Codes are a vital part of a soldier’s daily routine. That being said, a few codes must be remembered at all times and having a table with their respective meaning may prove to be very useful.

Click here to see a list of our codes.

Warning: No results have been found for your search
Instead, this is a template table for future use.

Code Meaning


Acronyms make it easier to communicate and avoid wasting precious time and space when sending a message.

Click here to see a list of our acronyms.
Code Meaning
TDF The Duskan Front
OFCA/OA Officer Academy
INT Intelligence Department
MARP Marine Corps (a.k.a Marines)


This is our handbook - please keep it with you in case you need it in the future.

Our Empire is based on many rules and regulations, but they are not able to cover every aspect of your life. Please use common sense when dealing with situations not specified here.

Once again, by using our servers and participating in our groups you agree with these guidelines and understand that they are subject to change at any moment, without prior warning.

If you wish to read more about The Duskan Front, we recommend you navigate through our trello page.

Officers or these who wish to become one are encouraged to read the TDF | Officer Handbook as well.

The Administrative Board
Year 3, post-revolution

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