[TDW] Experienced Combat Leader (ARCHIVED)

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The Dark Warriors

Experienced Combat Leader

‘Golden Era’

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of Gold."

[-Table of Contents-]


[1.0] - Introduction
[2.0] - Celvestian Philosophy
[3.0] - What is ECL?
[4.0] - The Steps to Verification

  • [4.1] - The First Step
  • [4.2] - The Second Step
  • [4.3] - The Evaluation
  • [4.4] - The Verification

[5.0] - CCL in Wars

  • [5.1] - CCL War Terms

[6.0] - CCL Laws & Consequences
[7.0] - Additional Information
[8.0] - Conclusion

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:black_small_square:[1.0 | Introduction]:black_small_square:

Greetings Celvestians and welcome to the ECL document. Here you’ll find almost everything you need to know about the verification process in ECL. ECL is essentially a fast pass version of CCL that is only given to certain people who are already experienced in leading defenses and raids (whether they hosted for Celvestia or for a different nation). ECL’s existence is to speed up the process of verification for these individuals rather than having everyone, including experienced leaders, go through a long and tedious verification process.

:black_small_square:[2.0 | Celvestian Philosophy]:black_small_square:

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of gold.”

“We’re a family. We’re a game studio. We’re war enthusiasts. We’re a role play group. We’re a community. We’re a hangout. We’re everything. We’re Celvestia.”

:black_small_square:[3.0 | What is ECL?]:black_small_square:

As it was mentioned above in section 1, ECL is a fast pass version of CCL that is granted towards Celvestians that have shown some form of evidence that proves they have led raids and defenses before either with Celvestia or outside of Celvestia. ECL will have far less tedious steps and will get right to the important ones to ensure quick and effective entry for battle-hardened Celvestians.

:black_small_square:[4.0 | The Steps to Verification]:black_small_square:

There are currently two primary steps, one evaluation, and the final verification step. The following sections will go into detail on what each section expects you to do to advance into the next step. Steps two and four are non-existent in ECL (there are 6 phases total in CCL and there are 4 here). ECL cuts out the Test and TDM trial, both of which are tedious steps. The ones here are fairly easy and reasonable for an experienced leader to do. Best of luck.

:black_small_square:[4.1 | The First Step]:black_small_square:

This one is the easiest step to follow as it only requires you to apply for ECL Verification by asking a H3+ and/or the Venerius himself if they see you fit enough (this is judged based on the evidence you show us of previous leadership skills and proof of hosted raids/defenses) to be accepted into the first step of ECL. All you gotta ask is “Am I, [name], fit enough to apply for the ECL program?”. If you’re not deemed worthy to apply then you may request the H3+ to tell you what was their reasoning behind declining you. Otherwise, once you’re applied and the H3+ have deemed you worthy. You will be given the “ECL S1” role on Discord.

Here are some of the questions the H3+ will ask to make sure you’re ready to apply for ECL:

  • Since voice chat is mandatory for ECL/CCL, how often do you do call-outs and give out orders live during events?

  • Do you have evidence or alibi’s that prove you have hosted raids/defenses before for either Celvestia or other nations?

  • How well do you perform under stress?

If you genuinely believe that you’re ready for ECL and a H3+ declined you, you may ask to see if the other H3+ think differently. If the majority see you fit enough, then you’ll be brought in. So you’d need a 2/3 vote currently.

:black_small_square:[4.2 | The Second Step]:black_small_square:

Once you’ve gotten through the first step, you’ll be asked to review two videos of your choice from a list provided here. Each video will be of either a raid or a defense. Your task is to evaluate them and write out all the pros and cons of each video in-terms of what the raid/defense leader is attempting to do or what they could’ve done. Or if you noticed lack of teamwork at one point or anything that could’ve been better. You are reviewing them. This is our way of seeing how well you asses situations like these and I expect your analyses to be more in-depth than that of CCL applicants. Anyone can watch a video of a raid/defense but not a lot of people can actually dissect one properly.

Here are the list you can choose from, you have to choose 1 defense and 1 raid, total of two videos. You will write out your review/notes and send them as text in a DM to the H3+ that’s reviewing you.

40 Minute Terminal - Nightfall Clan Raid
First War Raid on Veloxic Empire
Raid on Masqued Blood
Cobalt Nation & Avarian Confederation Defense
First War Defense against Veloxic Empire
Forsaken Winter Defense

I recommend a paragraph for each video you do.

After you’ve reviewed the videos and you’ve been checked off for them, you’ll be given the role “ECL S2”.

:black_small_square:[4.3 | The Evaluation]:black_small_square:

Th evaluation step will be the most intense and crucial part of your verification process. In this step you will have to host 1 defense and 1 raid with actual groups. They can’t be PR’s with our own members. However, they can be PR’s with our allies as we have done this many times before and are pretty close to the real deal events. Doing it with groups that aren’t allies give a much more unique experience because they’re foreign to us and their skills and territory are going to be fresh and new for us to face.

You’ll have to schedule the event with a H3+. Scheduling goes into both the spreadsheet and in the #battle_plans channel on Discord. We highly recommend you give everyone 3-7 days notice before an actual defense/raid to give every timezone and busy person a chance to see the scheduled event and determine if they can come.

Another thing you’d wanna to take into account is if you’d want to set the raid/defense up with an ally or with an actual group. If you want it with an actual group then you may recommend a group of your choice that’s reasonable.

On the day of the event, you will be expected to announce the raid/defense for the group both in the group shout on ROBLOX and in Discord in the #events channel. If you need a few more people to attend you may DM online members to come.

Now once you feel that you have enough people to commence a raid/defense (and just make sure you’ve read the rules for both our base and the enemies base) then you may place everyone to the raid/defense (make sure to announce you’ll be placing so people can ready up). From then on you will be expected to do everything you can to ensure your team wins the raid/defense. Take it as seriously as possible. If an HR/HC has to take over your event because you leadership was inadequate then you automatically fail the evaluation and have to wait a week before taking this step again. HR’s/HC’s are allowed to add in their own commands here and there and do call outs but you are the primary leader of the event and you are expected to keep everything together and organized.

Whether you win or lose the raid/defense will not matter as long as you do your best as the raid/defense leader. Remember, teamwork and communication is key to winning the events. When I, TheCelvestian, host events I capitalize off of teamwork and communication heavily and make sure everyone’s constantly doing call-outs and we’re all working together to kill enemies. I refuse to let people 1v1 during raids/defenses and we will gang up on enemies to ensure that we lose no one when we’re defending the terminal. Every small step you take is crucial in the potential victory of the event. Keep all of this in-mind.

Now let’s say you finish your defense and the reviewers and Celvestians all thought you did a phenomenal job as a combat leader, you will then receive your “ECL ED” role on Discord. But if you do a raid first then you will receive the “ECL ER” role. Upon finishing both the raid and defense you will be given both roles and immediately asked to go to Soreya where you will do your verification oath.

Here is an example of a successful evaluation test (these videos were done before Discord and before I did audio recording of voice chats so keep that in-mind). The raid you see below was a 3 server raid on HAU in which we won all 3 servers with amazing cooperation and teamwork using I believe was Skype/TS3:
Three Server Raid on HAU 1
Three Server Raid on HAU 2

:black_small_square:[4.4 | The Verification]:black_small_square:

Upon completing the evaluation, you’ll be asked to say the following words to a Celvestian H3+ and/or Venerius at Soreya, “Celvestia has entrusted me with their finest warriors to be led under my command and I, [name], am honored to take on the responsibilities of a CCL Verified Celvestian and will carry out my tasks to the best of my ability.” Once you’ve stated your verification oath and the H3+/Venerius is done recording/screenshotting you, they will then announce that you’re officially CCL Verified and you will be given the “CCL Verified” role on Discord. Once you’ve received the role you’re free to host raids/defenses whenever as long as you announce them in #battle_plans ahead of time to give everyone a heads up on when you want to schedule them and how many will attend.

However, when you do raids/defenses I highly advise you to do video walk-through’s of your enemies base beforehand. If you’re unable to do recordings with your own voice or a recording in general then you can at least screenshot important parts of the base like where the obstacle course is, where the terminal is, all the secret paths, potential camp/choke areas, and so on. Draw and label everything.

Here are some examples of well-thought out walk-through’s that helped us flawlessly win at the enemy base. Trust me, walk-through’s almost always guarantee an easy victory since it preps the Celvestians and shows them what we’re up against instead of just blindly going to the base. Just remember to keep them as short and as precise as possible. However, some bases might require a lot of time to do a walk-through for.

Zone Verona’s Base
Celvestia’s Resurgence
TNI:V’s Base

If you’re doing a walk-through using screenshots then I highly recommend marking the screenshots with arrows and labels to show where everything exactly is. Here is an example of a picture showing where the spawns are at Resurgence.

Don’t be afraid to ask others for help. The Venerius himself has over 8+ years of combat leadership experience. He’ll be more than happy to give you pointers and advice as well as tips and approvals.

:black_small_square:[5.0 | CCL in Wars]:black_small_square:

NOTE: ECL falls under CCL as a sub-category hence why sections 5, 5.1, and 6 are titled “CCL”. CCL is the main verification process, ECL is just a fast pass to get CCL verification.

Only CCL Verified Celvestians may host war/defense raids. Siderian & Venerian Grade members are not allowed to host raids/defenses against the war enemy as it is directly breaching the CCL program. The war-terms specifically state who will be hosting on Celvestia’s behalf that are CCL verified and have confirmed to have a schedule open to host. If the enemy tries to convince someone to host that isn’t CCL verified then we get a war point. Read the next section for more information on CCL related war terms.

:black_small_square:[5.1 | CCL War Terms]:black_small_square:

Our war terms template includes a war term that specifically states who from CCL will be hosting for Celvestia:

  • Who can host defenses and raids for Celvestia? Every person that’s CCL (Experienced/Certified Combat Leader) verified and have an open schedule: [list of names here]. You are not allowed to message anyone to defend/raid for TDW if they aren’t CCL verified. Forcing a Non-CCL verified HR to host will result in Celvestia getting a war point.

However, almost every single war the Venerius himself leads all the events. But if by chance the Venerius isn’t online then CCL verified members must definitely be ready on stand-by to host.

:black_small_square:[6.0 | CCL Laws & Consequences]:black_small_square:

NOTE: This is also a part of the Universal Decree.

CCL Laws

  1. Do not attempt to take over another CCL Verified members event unless you were instructed to by an H3+ with proper reasoning.
  2. Raiding blacklisted groups is not allowed. However, if you wish to defend from them then you must ask the Venerius himself. We have a google document with the list of groups that we are not going to raid.
  3. Everything in the UD still applies to CCL.
  4. If you’re CCL Verified and you choose to side with the enemy group during a defense/raid you will be at risk of losing your CCL Verification and possibly be demoted. You have to ask for permission first (although the answer will most likely be no, still you should ask, we might allow it on very unique occasions).
  5. Only CCL Verified Celvestians may host raids/defenses both during and outside of wars. However, anyone in the S&V Grade can host a PR with our own members.
  6. Do not give yourself all the CCL roles on Discord. Only the roles you need. This is to avoid confusion.
  7. Leaking any sort of test/correct answers from the verification process could most definitely void your verification status and result in a possible demotion.
  8. CCL Verification doesn’t apply to divisions. Divisions will have their own combat leaders chosen by their division leaders. However, if a division is lacking in combat leaders then they may use a CCL Verified Celvestian to help them.

CCL Consequences

Punishment Degrees:

   First Degree - Warning
   Second Degree - Suspended from hosting raids/defense for a week.
   Third Degree - Suspended from hosting raids/defenses for 2 weeks plus a demotion.
   Fourth Degree - Suspended from hosting raids/defenses for a whole month plus 2 demotions.
   Fifth Degree - Verification status is revoked plus 3 demotions.

The laws and punishments may change at any time. Most of the time we will give a notice, however, CCL Verified members are expected to check once in a while to see if anything has been edited/added recently.

:black_small_square:[7.0 | Additional Information]:black_small_square:

Any questions and concerns you may have can be directed to the Venerius himself or a H3+. However, the best answer/response you’ll get is from the Venerius since he put this system together and knows how it’ll work. We recommend all our CCL Verified Celvestians to actively host raids/defenses, do walk-through’s and battle plans, and help other CCL trainees in becoming a verified member. If a CCL Verified member wishes to take a hiatus/break then they must announce it in #inactivity_notices, otherwise, after some time they might lose their verified status. However, if they announce it in #inactivity_notices then they will not lose their verified status. The majority of the information you’ll need for CCL can be found in the actual CCL main document. But if you wish to seek out more ways to help better yourself or prep yourself then I highly recommend reviewing some old raid/defense footage like the ones I linked in section 4.2. But the best way to learn is through experience. You may feel nervous at first but don’t worry. It’ll become instinctual overtime and you’ll get the hang of it very quickly.

:black_small_square:[8.0 | Conclusion]:black_small_square:

This document is shorter than the actual CCL document but it doesn’t mean it’s easier. The pressure and expectations are higher here. I wanted to make sure almost everything was covered and that it was easy to follow. I don’t recommend going through it all in one go. It’s meant to be a step-by-step process so treat the reading the same way. Read the first step and once you finish the first step you move onto the next step to read and finish again. Repeat for about 4 times and you’re basically verified. It’s not a terribly hard program but it is tedious and requires some time set aside to really nail down who’s dedicated and experienced enough to host a defense/raid. With that being said, I appreciate the time you guys spent reading through and completing this process and I hope you all have a wonderful experience here in Celvestia. Remember to stay true to your Heart of Gold.

Signed by the Following:

  • TheCelvestian, Venerius of Celvestia.
  • Agreed upon by the Celvestian community.