Tealive Community Rules

The information below describes Tealive’s foundational rules ensuring that all player(s) at our Teahouse and associated location(s) have a prominent and bubbling experience with us!

:bubble_tea: Please note that the enforcement of these rules is at the discretion of Tealive Management and their decisions are final. If you believe you have been falsely banned, please reach out to a member of the Human Resources department and describe your situation.

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1. Player(s) are asked to be respectful, accepting and understanding of each other while at Tealive; any form of racism or discriminatory language of any kind is prohibited.

2. Trolling or disrupting the flow of collaborative operations at Tealive is not permitted and will result in your prompt removal from our active location(s) without warning.

3. Exploiting, defined as circumventing the original game’s design, is not tolerated at Tealive. If proof of exploitation is discovered, you will permanently be banned from all Tealive location(s).

4. Any form of unauthorized advertisement, including of a communications server, Roblox group, social media channel, etc. is not permitted and will result in you being permanently banned.

5. Any inappropriate clothing or usernames that bypass Roblox’s safety filter are not allowed at our location(s); Inappropriate clothing articles include:

  • Clothing related to extreme and/or graphic real world events.
  • Clothing with a racist, homophobic, or sexist theme.
  • Text that purposely circumvents the safety filter.

Player(s) in violation of proper clothing attire will be informed once, and given 1 minute to change the appearance of their avatar. Failure to comply will result in your removal.

6. Exercise the notion of using common sense. If it does not feel right to say or do, then please don’t do it. The Community Rules page lists the foundational pillars for our operations, but does not define the “nitty-gritty” of all rules. Management reserves the right to act on your conduct if it is deemed in violation or in attempted violation of the rules.

7. Spamming at the Teahouse, communications server or on the group wall is not tolerated and will result in your prompt removal from our active location(s) without warning.

8. In order to be eligible to join the Teahouse, your Roblox account must be 15 days of age. This is to prevent alt-accounts from rejoining the game after removal and continuing their behavior.

All rules listed above are to be exercised by all player(s) attending the Teahouse, participating in the communication server and interacting with others on the group wall. Consequences will be promptly issued for those that actively decide to fracture the rules. Questions can be directed to any management member above the rank of Human Resources Coordinator.

Best Wishes,
Tealive Senior Management
:spiral_calendar: Last Updated - 01/07/2023 (MM,DD,YY)

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