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Wow…I am really sorry to hear this.
I can only imagine how frustrating it is to dedicate so much time to working on something in Studio, only to have it thrown away. We will actively be looking into this.

We shipped a fix for an issue last week related to data loss in Team Create. I want to see if it could be related to that issue, with perhaps just unfortunate timing. The following questions will help us determine that.

Were there packages in your place?
When did the data loss occur?
When did you notice the data loss?
How long does a typical team create session last for you/your group?
What type of data was lost? (Script source, Parts, etc…)
Were there other editors in the team create place at the time the place should have been saving?
Is so, were their changes lost as well?
Did you notice anything in the output related to successful saving or saving errors?

Again, we are painfully sorry that this occurred. As an additional request. could you DM me the placeID? I doubt we will be able to recover anything on our end if the issue was related to the team create server, but it never hurts to take a look.

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This reminds of the “Phantom” bug I got in teamcreate near the beginning of the year. Nothing I built replicated to other people in the session, but I could see them flying around. I didn’t notice until someone was confused about what I was pointing at. The session was active for at least 6 hours, maybe even twice that if we left it running for the day.

Team Create won’t allow me to change other’s permissions (Play, Edit, Configure)

The button to change permissions is disabled and it won’t let me click it.

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Currently we allow only friends to be able to edit each other places. Is this person a friend on Roblox platform?

I’m currently having the same issue as @ItsMatko and it’s with a friend on the platform. @Voidage

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@ItsMatko @Scriptos If you remove and re-add your friend does it allow you to change the users permission?

I’ve just attempted this and can confirm that it does not work even after removing and re-adding my friend. It isn’t for this one specific person, either. I can’t change anyone’s permissions, and I get the same result for any game that I try to use Team Create on.

We were able to confirm this applies to any user you had added prior to a recent update and will turn off the corresponding change, but removing and re-adding friends from Game Settings has fixed that in our testing. We are unable to reproduce a user’s permission being locked after re-adding them.

Are you removing/re-adding your friend through Game Settings, or unfriending/refriending them? If the former, can you make sure to provide information described in How to post a Bug Report? (e.g. placeId, repro steps, userId of user you’re adding, a video, etc)

What issue are you having?

  • The user permissions drop down list is greyed out after enabling Team Create and then going to Game Settings > Permissions. I am able to interact with the big red X box and am able to successfully remove/add collaborators, but can not change permissions in order to allow people to edit.

  • Here is a link to a place where I am currently having this issue (placeId: 4300477207), but this happens to me 100% of the time at every single place that I have enabled Team Create, not just the one that I’m linking.

  • This applies to all new Collaborators, even after removing and re-adding them through the Game Settings window.

  • Closing and reopening the place after enabling Team Create doesn’t seem to help at all.

  • My friend @Voidage is having the same issue, so I can confirm that it isn’t happening to just me.

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Thanks! The change has been turned off and we will make sure to figure out why this is happening before turning it back on.

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Hey there!

I’m not sure if this is the place to be posting this but I figured this was the closest I could get to for it.

I’ve been developing with someone on a game for some time now through Team-Create and recently we came across a problem that has put development on hold.

The problem:
The problem is it won’t let him inside the team create even though the option is on. He keeps getting this error.

Error message


The weirder thing is that he can still acess other Team creates other than the one we want to work on.

We have tried

  • Restarting both the computer and router

  • Disabling plugins

  • Reinstalling studio all together

At this point im stummpped on what it could be so any help or ideas of what to do would help.


Edit: Turns out it was coincidental timing after all, didn’t realize the change was enabled so quickly, collapsing my post.

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For all I know, this could be pure coincidental timing, so unless this was due to a sudden change, I found out that I could fix the issue by:

  • Create new game
  • Enable Team Create
  • Add at least one Collaborator (greyed out, can’t change role)
  • Save changes, leave the game
  • Rejoin the game, remove and re-add Collaborators
  • Leave and rejoin again
  • Now the issue is suddenly fixed in every single one of my places, without having to remove and re-add Collaborators everywhere else, no extra steps or repetition required

The step that I was missing was that I had to leave the game before removing and re-adding Collaborators, or else it wouldn’t work. I had to have added at least one Collaborator before leaving and rejoining the game.

Enabling Team Create and then leaving/rejoining and adding Collaborators after the fact doesn’t trigger this sudden fix. I had to do it in this order or else permissions were still greyed out.

This was really difficult to explain because it was a very strange fix, so let me know if I need to rephrase something here.

Edit: Missed a step, had to leave and rejoin again immediately after removing and re-adding Collaborators.

Edit #2: Though now that I think about it, I have attempted to add a collaborator about a week ago, gave up in frustration and left the game, then came back to it a few days later and tried again (after removing>re-adding them) and the issue still persisted, so I’m unsure whether what I did here is actually what solved the problem.

The reason it is fixed now is because we turned the offending change off around the time of my last reply.


I’ve also been having this issue at alarming rates when opening a large team create place.
If the place does load it usually gives the same error after attempting to autosave.
Script changes also will not save when this error has been encountered, at least in my case.

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I too had that problem in one of my places not long ago, I made another place and transferred everything there to avoid it.

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The autosaves in my tc also don’t work even when everything is enabled. So I have to manually download a copy.

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Yes, he is a friend, @DreamingMind.

Hi, to make it easier to diagnose Team Create bugs, we are closing this thread in favor of creating individual bug reports for any issues you may encounter going forwards. This will eliminate cross-talk between separate bugs and allow us to fix anything that crops up faster.

You can file a bug report for Team Create by clicking the New Topic button and setting the category to Studio Bugs. Any ongoing issues that have not been resolved should be filed as new bug reports. Make sure to read over How to post a Bug Report for more information :slight_smile: