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Is there a way to shut down team create servers in the event someone was to leave for a 2 week vacation stuck in a script, or a bug causes someone to be unable to connect, etc?

A lot of the time team create bugs can be worked around because we can shut the servers down. If there’s no way to forcefully kill a TC server then a bug may render the entire feature useless for a period of time.


I assume reverting to a previous place version would shut servers down? If so you can revert to a previous version and back to shut down the servers until we get a proper way of doing it.


That’s a really roundabout way of doing something that already wasn’t ideal to begin with. Running Team Create on production games and not wanting it to be shut down is less appropriate than needing to shut down Team Create on a dev environment, so until there’s a dedicated feature for shutting down Team Create servers (e.g. disabling from the site) the old behavior should be preserved. This was already “fixed” and then later reverted in the past as well.


Yesterday we released a fix for this issue. If user is inactive for more than 5 minutes the lock can be re-acquired by other users. Also TC server dies automatically if there are no users connected to it.


This just happened again, without any sort of obvious weird script locking behavior occuring. I lost about 4 hours of progress over 3 different scripts. I don’t know what the heck is going on, but I’m not using Team Create again until stuff like this is fixed.


Sorry to hear that. Let us figure out what’s causing that. Can you send men a link to the game that wasn’t working via private message?


Do you have a repro for this? How are you shutting down Studio when this happens? It should be saving your scripts when the place closes.


Has anyone encountered this issue recently? It should be resolved already.


We’ve recently resolved an issue with users not being notified in a timely fashion when a Team Create server is shut down. This fix should be released soon.
We’re now currently working on other Team Create bugs in this thread, such as Team Create being stuck on “Requesting Access…” when opening certain places.


When you create or insert a terrain region in a team create it instantly crashes the team create, and if you have a terrain region in a place when you turn on team create it will lock the team create since it will crash when you open it, making so you can’t turn team create off.


When I make a team create I can’t get back into it! This has been happening with all forms of team create whether it be owned by a person or a group. Team create is proving to be insanely unstable lately. If I could even count all the problems I have had with team create. So far it has just been a very bad experience for me.


The bug isn’t becoming any lesser either and restarting studio doesn’t solve a thing.




Sorry to hear that, we’re working on it, top priority. Can you send me a link to the place you’re not able to open via a private message?


It is all of them besides group games. Creating another team create makes it so when the place publishes it does not let me back in.


Are you still having this issue? We enabled a feature earlier that accidentally caused issues with Team Create connections. It should be disabled now, but you will have to restart Studio to get the effect.


I don’t know, I can try though.


Give it a go and let us know if this is fixed! Remember to restart studio. :slightly_smiling_face:


It works, thanks guys!


Sweeeeeeeet!! :grin:

You’re most certainly welcome!