Team Create Bugs. Post 'em Here!


Started getting some kind of connection issue today that I have never gotten before:

Team create kicked me off due to a connection issue and asked me to reconnect. After trying to reconnect, this issue is now appearing. I have waited for almost an hour now and have tried the following:

  • Closing studio and reopening the place
  • Restarting my computer
  • Reinstalling studio

I assume it’s because of ROBLOX servers, since you can’t join any games right now.

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Yeah, guess it’s some kind of issue with game servers. Editing a non team create place works just fine, so that had me confused. The output really should be more descriptive with connection errors though. (“Invalid parameters” really isn’t a user friendly error lol)


A note for everybody. We’re currently experiencing issues with our Team Create servers. Our team is working on resolving it in the shortest possible time. Please note, all your Team Create places are safe, we just need to resolve that server issue.


We’ve recently resolved an issue with users not being able to access Team Create sessions with TerrainRegions in them. This fix should be currently live.


Thank you so much! Curious, what caused this weird bug?

I’m getting this issue still. It’s quite frustrating.

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Hey everyone,
Just checking in to let you all know that we are still actively working on Team Create bugs, and that there are a few that we’ve fixed recently:

  • Added a timeout for when connecting to Team Create doesn’t work due to server issues

  • Undo/Redo functionality with multiple users in Team Create is now more consistent/reliable

We are working on more Team Create fixes, and will keep this thread posted on them.


Hey again everyone,
Just keeping you all updated. We are still actively working on Team Create bugs.

  • Studio should now not crash sometimes when trying to connect to the same Team Create place with the same user from 2 computers
  • Added a button to close Studio to the dialog which appears when the Team Create connection is lost

We also have a fix for a bug which resulted in a lot of people losing progress in Team Create places randomly, which should be live within the next few days. I will keep this thread posted on that and the fixes on any other significant Team Create bug fixes in the future.


Whenever me and my friend publish our team create game which is in a group, it doesn’t update properly, there’s like a 1/10 chance it publishes. I’m not sure if it’s because I used Publish As once recently.

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Can you include a link to the game?

We turned off and on team create, not sure if that helped it at all.

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Hello again everyone,
In our most recent deployment we have increased the Team Create connection timeout time, so those of you with less stable connections should experience less disconnections.
We are still actively working on Team Create issues, and I will keep this thread updated on any new Team Create fixes.

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I do not have a repo so this won’t be any help but I’m having the following problem the past week.

  • Team create fails to save stuff all the time. You can close all of your scripts, close the game and when you rejoin stuff will be missing.
  • Script recovery fails to backup 75% of these scripts
  • I’ve had to disable auto-save because now it freezes studio for 10 seconds whilst it is in progress, so that’s no use.

Team Create was an amazing tool that our team has used with close to zero problems for months. The last week I’ve spent about as much time trying to recover stuff as I have actually developing.

What’s going on?


Sorry to hear that, but it seems specific to your machine. To help you we need to collect some information about your place and your machine. I will send you direct message with instructions.

Thanks for your reply, I will send over the data you need.

However, a lot of people seem to be having similar issues with Team Create this past month.

Please see.

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i cant tell if this is a bug or not but ctrl+s/save as place file doesnt appear in the menus or work as a command in team create servers


This is intended behavior as every change you make propagates to Team Create server. The server publishes the game automatically every 5 minutes and when you complete your work (close all Team Create sessions). That said, saving does not make much sense, unless you want to make a local copy. The latter is available as a separate option in File menu.


The button is counter-intuitive. I’ve sat in the file menu for 10+ seconds trying to find Save As because I forgot there’s this idiosyncratic edge case for TC places. It looks like in this case, users sometimes aren’t even aware the functionality exists without Save As.

The wording of Download a Copy is perfect for the action – more appropriate than Save As – but at what cost? What do you notice between the following menus?

  • The “Publish …” buttons and everything below them are being shifted. This is awful – it confuses my habitual cursor placement because when I mouse over where I expect “Publish …”/etc to be, it’s not there.
  • The Save/Download buttons are not in the same relative position to the “Publish …” buttons, which results in the same problem
  • It breaks my expectations of applications. Every file editing application I use has File, Open, and Save. While the wording may be more appropriate for this functionality, it has a severe tradeoff because I have to break a 10+ year habit of looking for a Save button.

The TC file menu should not break universal consistency with Download a Copy. Download a Copy should be replaced with Save/Save As.