Good afternnon all I was making a team create with a friend to practice out builds and we have this Issue

We deleted all with RO-Defender but appears again, even we don’t use the toolbox

This is the script

We suggest to click each other but we can’t find the main problem of this

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did you download any plugins or free models if so look through them or take a picture and link the stuff and i can


I would look through your Plugins since that is a common source for these sort of scripts. The script itself doesn’t seem to be malicious and seems to be there just to be annoying.


First of all, is the first image taken in edit mode or when testing? If it’s the first case then it’s a plugin; otherwise, you still have this script hidden somewhere.


This is the only plugins it have the 2nd player. We also use a new map on team create and then It started to come a lot of viruses


hold on im about to search ro defender

but also did your friend use any plugins and did you use free models?

Why is there 2 instances of AlreadyPro’s Load Character Plugin? Is one the Lite Version and the other the Pro Version?

yep the problem is ro defender

just go and look at the comments on it delete that plugin and you should be good

Well the 2nd. Players leave the TeamCreate, I use my own Ro-Defender and stop having virus, when she join. . the virus come back, I told her to delete all the plugins she have

delete ro defender

(30 characters)

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It’s most likely due to the fact that there are 2 plugins of Load Character, I would advise and delete one of them to see if one of them is a virus or not.

@Abacon_Dev I tried Ro-Defender before, and I have never seen a virus in my games ever, it is most likely due to the fact that there are 2 plugins of the same.

Just check who is the owner of the plugin and make sure they’re not some bot.

EDIT: Re-did it again, nothing happened. :flushed:

1 Like look at the comments on the plugin same thing to what he is experiencing

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I think the creator’s account got hacked? the plugin wasnt like this before,i still have the old source code on my PC

Whoever the second person joining your team create session is is most likely the one who has the malicious plugin. A few ways to go about this are going through each plugin enabled and verifying the item by upload data, creator (if their account is known and now a bacon and also not created recently), along with if the sales are really high for the short amount of time up. After going through all the plugins and removing those you deem are most likely to be malicious you then should have that person restart studio.

Now it’s time to remove those infections. Below are some plugins created for the reason of getting rid of common infections, backdoors, and viruses in a game. I’m not liable for anything that happens with these plugins. Please do your own research on which one best fits as I have not personally used these.


She deleted all the plugins and all the malware and malicious has gone, now we start to continue the build, TYSM!!!