Team Create members cannot edit settings on User-Owned experiences

Recently, I’ve found out that Team Create members (Users who has studio access to an experience but aren’t the owner) could not update the general settings of a Game/Experience that is owned by a user.


While I understand the reason for this is safety, it becomes annoying when someone is working on the place while the owner is busy and they cannot change the title, description or gameplay settings (such as avatar types).

This is a much needed feature since we are working on a game where the owner has issues with his computer, causing us some significant delays due to being unable to update the game page.


I would suggest adding a permission setting in the Collaboration menu that’s between “Edit” and “Owner”, which allows Studio access and the ability to manage the game/experience settings. This would be beneficial for games that are owned by users (not groups) while we are waiting for transferring experiences between users and groups. (Allow us to freely transfer our games between our profile / groups - #101 by CountLoops)

I think this would go on feature requests and I agree with you, even though I never had this problem :sweat_smile:

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This has never been an issue, when having a dev team it’s better to just have a group, after all it isn’t much to make one

Off-Topic post?

Yes, I agree with OP. Sometimes, if the owner is inactive, the developers cannot change the description or announce a new update in the title.

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incorrect. you’ll still have the in website dev tools if you’re a dev of the game.

Yeah, but some features require game settings in studio.

Yeeeaaahhh… I was still thinking whether or not my post was talking about a feature request or studio issue, so my apologies lol.

I think your missing the point here. In our case, the game was created 6 years ago and we did not have ownership of a group at that time.

That doesn’t sound right. Your dev can still change the title without being in a group. I’m able to configure the place even without being a group.