Team Create Place too large?


When attempting to save a place I am working on with a couple of friends to Roblox, I get the error message telling me that the place is too large to be saved to Roblox.

I think I can assume that there’s places bigger than ours.
Current file size is 124419Kb (124Mb) with about ~50000 parts
Or are places that size not normal?

If that is the case we’d have to split up the file to multiple games, which would break a lot of important game mechanics.

Server Save Failure: HTTP(413):Request Entity Too Large

Thanks in advance

The map does not use Terrain. Just parts, unions & meshes (currently removing lots of meshes).
Splitting up the game into multiple would break game mechanics such as being chased by monsters.
If the player was to teleport to a different area, we couldn’t have the monster follow him because the game wouldn’t be able to tell the other game that the monster would like to travel to that area. That would work with different servers, but not with games.

You might have to consider attempting to minimize part count, and use StreamingEnabled. You are going to need to use less parts, and meshes can take up a lot of data. Consider toning down on detail.


What does your map even look like to be that size? Would appreciate more detail about your circumstances to know why your file size ends up that large and how breaking it up into separate places would break game mechanics. Please detail as much as possible about your circumstances.


I editted the question to include answers to your questions.

Solution: It seemed like something in the file was corrupted. Copying over all instances to a new file fixed the problem and brought it down to 2.9MB.

Thanks for your help, everyone!

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