Team Create status added to List Mode

Hi developers,

We are excited to announce an update to List Mode on Studio’s start page! You will now be able to see if an experience has Team Create enabled or not.

The Team Create column appears anywhere that list mode is enabled (e.g. group games, archived games, etc.) so you can easily check if a certain experience uses Team Create.

Finally, you can reposition the Team Create column by dragging it or hide it through the context menu (just like other columns in list mode).

With your help, we will continue to improve list mode - so please continue to share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below!

Many thanks to @Kresselia1, @Brouhahaha, @RacquetBaller, @GeneralTso58, @jowoyce, @desserts_yumyum and @yipiokay for making this possible!


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I am going to be honest, I don’t see much point to this update. Sure it’s a nice little change that allows people to easily see if team create on but I just don’t see any use cases in it.


Very small nit, think this can be a checkbox instead? Seeing this makes my eyes cross, and I can’t imagine it’s much better for someone with dyslexia :sweat_smile:


It’s useful in the sense if you’ve forgotten you had someone added to TC in the past to work with, and want to turn it off when you no longer work. It takes time having to manually go to every place and checking if it’s on just to turn it off, and this helps make the process streamlined.


Good motive, although agreeing with @Kampfkarren here. I do believe that this should be a checkmark & empty space type situation rather than an “On” and “Off” situation.


How would this update help in regards to that? It does not show you who is added to TC in a experience only that TC is on. Sure I can see your point if you want to check if TC is on in experiences you no longer need to go into every experience to check if the experience has TC on or not and this would help but at the same time I would expect someone to know if TC is on in an experience or not already tbh.

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Nice to see a new feature that will help with viewing our configurations/changes we have done to our experiences.

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Well, since team create is automatically on whenever you create a new game now, I think it’s a pretty useful reminder in case you forget to turn it off. QoL updates like this don’t have a huge impact, but they’re still good nonetheless.


Please use a graphic/checkbox instead of the text On or Off, impossible to discern at a glance.


I will support the majority opinion, or at least give them different colors, for example, the on button is green, the off button is red. Yes, it may not be quite correct for people with color blindness, then it’s better as said above.


It can also be just the enabled / disable button similar to ones on the plugins page

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honestly i think it should be only on games that you create, because on shared with me, its a invite from team create, its pretty pointless if it just says on for the entire row

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This is handy, and cool, but honestly, I think something like Version History containing who published would be a better change, that is unless im missing something.

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Good idea, I’d prefer this too

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can we have the ability to turn Teamcreate on and off from website and/or this page?

we might need to turn it off outside of studio due to poor network conditions

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i’d say it’s still useful for it to be there, it’s not a colossal update but still a neat thing to have on the long run

This is a nice update thanks !

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