Full Release and Changes for List Mode for Studio

Hello developers,

Thank you for all the great feedback and suggestions on the beta release of List Mode for Studio, a feature that enables you to switch to a list view of your experiences in the Studio start page. We are pleased to announce that this feature has exited beta, and is now available to all developers! Plus, we have added a few improvements.

See non-root places within an experience

If your experience has more than one place associated with it, you can now see these sub-places in List mode:

  1. Single-click on an experience, which will show you how many non-root places exist within the experience. (If your experience doesn’t have non-root places, you won’t see this information)
  2. Expand to see the full list
  3. Double click on a place to open it in Studio

NOTE: Double-clicking on the experience opens the root place in Studio

Customize the columns you want to see in List mode

You can select the columns you want to see in List mode. This enables you to customize List mode to show only the information that is meaningful for you.

You can also customize the width and order of the columns. Studio will remember your column customizations the next time you open Studio.

As always, please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments below! Many thanks to @Kresselia1, @Brouhahaha, @RacquetBaller, @GeneralTso58, @robDR, @jowoyce, and @yipiokay for making this possible!


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It’s great steps are finally being taken to modernize studio! :+1:


I think I no longer need to use the website to open studio anymore! :clap: :partying_face:
(Not seeing sub-places of a game from the studio home page was holding me back)


Studio getting better i guess. A bunch of very progressive updates


A great update! Seeing non-root places organized under an experience with the ability to open in Studio is a real treat!


Looks great! And it also looks like they accidentally revealed some of the brand new icons of the modernized Studio, like the cloud icon and the players icon. :huh:


this is HUGE!

This will save me a ton of time having to wait for studio to load up the root place THEN being able to select and load up the sub place I need.

You have my deepest gratitude. :raised_hand: :star_struck: :ok_hand:


Can anyone explain to me how to update Studio? I can’t see the feature still. I am on Mac if it changes anything.

Screenshot 2022-08-11 at 22.44.03


FINALLY. This went on for to long- having to wait for 2 places to load just because you weren’t accessing a main place was painful.
Thank you so much.


I am so, so happy that we can finally see all the places under a universe. I’ve been working with universes that have many places for a long time, and it has always been a pain to get to the maps, to the point where we have been using external experiences for each game and then uploading them to their slot under the actual universe in order to build a hub for all the experiences. This saves us absolute tons of hassle.


Many, many updates recently! Glad the platform is getting a much-needed modernization!


Hi! Please try going to “File > Beta Features” and checking that the “Start Page List Display” option is enabled. If you’ve confirmed that it’s turned on but you still can’t see the feature, uninstalling and reinstalling Studio should resolve your issue.


It would be nice if we could sort by Date Updated rather than Date Created. I often find myself working on a game created a long time ago, which is now buried under all of my “experiment” games that I’ve created.


It started for updates the platform would be nice, i recommend on would be created of experience, which was on display places of studio website.

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This is absolutely amazing!! I’ve been wanting this for years as I work primarily with games that have multiple places in them, so having to unnecessarily load the hub/start place and close it just to open a place each time got annoying.

One issue here - I have five sub-places aside from the start place, and instead of it showing the first place “Edenopia”, it shows the start place.



I’d also love to see a column for Date Updated as @AlreadyPro mentioned, as that would help sort by games I’ve recently worked on, as older games just get buried.

It would also be nice if we could have manual sorting for list mode, and possibly for the Asset Manager with places. It feels quite cluttered with the start place not being at the top, and since players unlock more places to access as they progress in my game, I usually work on the most recently created place the most.

For reference, my preferred layout would be:

  1. Hub/Start place (Anyone)
  2. Edenopia (Anyone)
  3. Solaris (Level 150K+)
  4. Elemental Battlegrounds (Level 200M+)
  5. The Final Boss Battle (Level 1B+)
  6. Hallow’s Night: Halloween 2020 (No longer maintained - limited place)

To get this same effect, I’d have to add a prefix like 001, 002, before each place name. Though I’d personally find manual sorting to work the best, with newly added places automatically being added at the bottom, even if it seems a bit extra for most.


I was shocked that being able to see your non-root places wasn’t already a feature in Studio and posted about it in the old thread so I’m really happy to see this change - it will be a big boost to productivity! I’d like to see some improvements around this on the site too, the way places are listed/handled there is ‘okay’ but could be a lot better.


Wow. I’ve been waiting on this for months.

Finally, we don’t have to reopen Roblox studio to access another experience.


Adding “Last Updated” column would be extremely helpful. And then you can get rid of the “Recent” menu tab. Instead you can just click on “Last Updated” to have all your recent experiences shown at the top. In addition, you would now know when your experiences were last updated.


Thank you. Thank you so much.