Teleport Player And Data

What is the best way to teleport the player to a different place and send data so when they arrive on the place they spawn in a certain place without creating spawn parts. I want it so when they click on a certain UI button on the menu place it spawns them on a different game at a certain place.

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I did some research on your behalf and stumbled upon TeleportService. TeleportService has a function called TeleportToSpawnByName which may work in your case. Here is the link for TeleportService.

Good luck! :smile:

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I was reading around and lots of people say that teleport service is unreliable

well another way you could potentially do it is

GetJoinData :

A more methodical way of doing it is creating some sort of endpoint that collects the data from the previous game and than when the player join the new game the information will be relayed to that game, however that is not really necessary.

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Teleport Service is the way to do this- reliability aside there isn’t exactly any other methods. How you transfer the spawn location data is up to you, if you use teleport data the client stores it and so they can manipulate it with exploits but you can use data-stores and/or a web service to otherwise specify a spawn location. I find TeleportToSpawnByName isn’t always the best, just passing an identifier for the spawn in the "Variant teleportData" argument should be good unless being able to cheat and spawn in any spot is a huge issue.

Thanks for the reply, I ment teleport data isn’t the most reliable, I saw a lot of different methods but wasn’t sure how to set them up. The whole goal is to make a main menu place, you choose your train and route then it spawns you inside your train, your train spawns at the station and then boom, you drive lol.

you meant teleport the player and their data on an another place

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Pretty much, dye to the high amount of detail on the route it’s better to have each one on seperate places

i think you meant this?

So if I setup a data store and save it all on the menu place, it will save on the other place.
Also could I use on player added to check the settings and function like that.

yes you can