Teleporting API now broken on iOS

Our Mobile accessible game ( ) has been having issues teleporting players on Android and Samsung devices to other places with the games “universe” for quite a long time now. About a month or two ago, a fix was made for these devices, but roughly 5 days after that another Roblox update had broken the fix. Were there plans being made to fix the teleporting API again for these devices? I get a surprisingly large number of complaints about this issue since our game heavily relies on place to place teleportation to access some important features, and quite a few players are on mobile.


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I am also waiting on it to be fixed, my game will rely on it heavily. :confused:

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I think it was working a few days ago but broke again. So, don’t assume it was abandoned. It’s definitely being worked on from what I can tell.

@BuildIntoGames teleporting is OP

This will be fixed in the next android release


Teleporting appears to be fixed on android devices, but is now broken on iOS mobile devices.

I’ve mentioned this here. It’s only affecting small devices.

This is fixed in the most recently released version of iOS. We also forced upgrade to this version.


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