Teleporting me and other players to random game

Not that helpful… I was asking for a solution, not to have somebody telling me to stop using the model.


But the solution is to stop using the model. The model contains the virus, and needs to be removed and not used again.


I’ve deleted the model, and there is still a virus.

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Search your game for scripts, and delete any that you didn’t make yourself.

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I recommend removing all the models and if it still happens, Look thru your explorer, if you find any scripts, delete them. Especially look throught these


Why are you posting this here? This script is fine mate.

The issue may be a malicious script from a free model, or a malicious plugin inserting those scripts. You can use a plugin like RoDefender or other TRUSTED anti-virus programs to help get rid of it, or you can just track down the script by just looking everywhere and anywhere a script or local script can run

For plugins, you’ll have to disable each plugin and find the malicious scripts, but each time you disable the plugin, you’ll delete the scripts, publish and restart studio. Then you re-open studio and if the scripts are still there, continue disabling the plugins until you find the plugin causing it, or until you have no more (in that case, it’s not plugins causing it and likely free models)

There has been countless topics made about this, so I implore you to look at other posts for any other solutions that have been used

I don’t agree with that – not all free models are made with malicious intent. Free models are a good way for new developers to learn coding, building and etc., it’s that they just have to be wary of viruses and search the free model for any suspicious instances / items and/or scripts


Alright… just wanted to see if it was a bad script.

I would recommend getting Venom and pressing the Panic button, which will search all scripts in your place. It searches for if scripts are using TeleportService or other suspicious ways of bypassing being detected, so it should catch and highlight the one that’s giving you trouble.

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I know the issue, it happened with my homestore before. You used a free model, so what I did was search in the workspace for “Weld” and delete all the things that say weld (Especially weld scripts). Save, and you should be good to go.

Searching for suspicious things is good, however some things in your scripts may not seem suspicious. If the game is teleporting users to another game, you should be looking out for keywords such as TeleportService and :Teleport() . I recommend you thoroughly check your scripts as it’s likely you have inserted a model with a script containing this.

Although this may have worked for a different issue, welds have nothing to with teleporting players to another game. If this was happening in your game and was fixed by deleting all the welds, one or more of the welds you deleted would have contained a script telling it to teleport players elsewhere.

Download Ro-Defender or some other virus deleter if you use free models. Thats what i do

They don’t seem to get rid of it though.

Try doing CTRL + SHIFT + F and searching for "TeleportService" and ":Teleport()". This will search ALL the scripts in the game for these lines of code.

If you find scripts that have those lines of code, delete them

It says there’s no matching scripts.

Search for require. If you see any scripts that use require, followed by a bunch of numbers, then delete it.

This has been stated all over devforum same issue over & over please use the magnifying icon before posting. As people already suggested if there are no malicious scripts in your models then investigate your plugins check the creator of each plugin typically malicious plugins are created by alts so mostly default avatars, pal hair ect. & confirm their registration date & what other models they have.

If you need help avoiding malicious plugins for future reference, I advise using the ones listed to you in the toolbox. Toolbox > Plugins.

I’ve found this, is this something bad?