TeleportService Kicking Players from Game (Error Code 273)

Many players, myself included, are getting this error message in my place, which uses TeleportService to move players around between places within the game universe very often (approx. 1 minute spent in each place).

The message states:

Same account launched game from different device. Reconnect if you prefer to use this device. (Error Code: 273).

This error occurs when logged in to Roblox on only one device. I think it is occurring because TeleportService thinks teleporting to the new place instance is resulting in the client being connected to two different games at once, so it kicks you.

Game Link: Wizard Cats 😺 - Roblox

This bug occurs about 20% of the time, and always immediately after teleporting between places.


hi @pa00 - thanks for reporting the issue. would you happen to know if this is a recent issue and also how frequently the issue is happening?


I’m not the OP but he says that it happens about 20% of the time in the post.


This is an issue that I only seem to be encountering in this new game, which I’ve been testing as of about 3 days ago. It happens about 20% of the time, and always at the moment after teleporting between places within the game universe.

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thanks for the additional detail. I think with the use-case of switching servers rapidly, our validation thinks that you might be in two servers at the same time, so it automatically kicks you out. I’ll reach out to the right team to look into this further this week.


Thank you! This is pretty detrimental to my game right now as I’m leaking users to this bug pretty constantly. I’m really happy to hear that it will be looked into.


hey folks - we’ve made some changes on the backend a while back, and we haven’t been able to reproduce afterwards. could you let us know if this is still happening in your experiences?


Nope, I’ve used the TeleportService in my game multiple times, and nothing went wrong!


Heyo, two front page games, one for which I develop for, still experience this issue quite often. I’m quite sure for other games that teleport very often should also replicate this issue as well if you try enough.

Game #1 I’ve experienced the issue today:
PlaceID: 1458767429
Name: ABA (Anime Battle Arenas)
I was playing ranked matches with friends and we would quite often get kicked for error code 273 same account launched, since we’re teleported in parties we would all get the kick as well. This also happened today.

Game #2 I develop for and players still report the issue to us:
PlaceID: 1730877806
Name: Grand Piece Online
For our game we utilize lots of teleports for different types of game-modes and HUBs (E.g: trade hub, ranked match hub, dungeon mode, ranked matches mode, etc), as well as, when going into private servers we have custom reserved servers that are teleported to. Players usually have the 273 error happen to them when teleporting to and from the trade hub.

Both of these games are on the front page, we do not currently have a method for logging analytics for this error in our game so we don’t know exactly how common this issue occurs. I believe you guys should have analytics for this though?

TL;DR: Issue is decently rare but still occurs today. Also if logs are required feel free to PM me and I can send over the logs from today.

I recently released a game and have personally experienced this error happening the past few days.

I’m running Windows 11 and launching through Chrome.

Thanks for the replies and the examples. I’ll take this back to the team for investigation

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Ok, I am bumping this thread because it is getting really important in my game. Players are in a main menu where they can choose what game mode to play and teleport to it. Often, just after the players are teleported, they are prompted with this message, and it takes a few tries before it actually works. It is extremely annoying for players to wait in a lobby, and that, at the end, they get kicked when the game starts. I have received many complaints already.

Here is a video below where I join a gamemode, and it worked the fourth time I tried, far from the 20% happening rate mentioned above. That is unacceptable and I am pretty sure I am loosing many players because of this. The video was made on iOS.

The game is this one: Survive and Kill the Killers in Area 51 !!! - Roblox

thank you for the report! I’m following up with the team to see if there’s been any progress made with the investigation.


Going back on this - we have made multiple fixes over the year I believe this should be mitigated now. If this is still happening please let us know!