TeleportService Kicking Players from Game (Error Code 273)

Many players, myself included, are getting this error message in my place, which uses TeleportService to move players around between places within the game universe very often (approx. 1 minute spent in each place).

The message states:

Same account launched game from different device. Reconnect if you prefer to use this device. (Error Code: 273).

This error occurs when logged in to Roblox on only one device. I think it is occurring because TeleportService thinks teleporting to the new place instance is resulting in the client being connected to two different games at once, so it kicks you.

Game Link:

This bug occurs about 20% of the time, and always immediately after teleporting between places.


hi @pa00 - thanks for reporting the issue. would you happen to know if this is a recent issue and also how frequently the issue is happening?


I’m not the OP but he says that it happens about 20% of the time in the post.

This is an issue that I only seem to be encountering in this new game, which I’ve been testing as of about 3 days ago. It happens about 20% of the time, and always at the moment after teleporting between places within the game universe.

thanks for the additional detail. I think with the use-case of switching servers rapidly, our validation thinks that you might be in two servers at the same time, so it automatically kicks you out. I’ll reach out to the right team to look into this further this week.


Thank you! This is pretty detrimental to my game right now as I’m leaking users to this bug pretty constantly. I’m really happy to hear that it will be looked into.