TeleportService often taking a very long time to teleport?

Very strange issue I’ve just encountered here. So I’m usually :SetTeleportSetting() to pass data to the server where the player is teleporting to. (no idea if this is related or not)

I actually thought it broke, but upon testing it long enough it finally did teleport me, but it look a very long time to do so.

Server code that runs when we need to teleport the player:

startNightSignal.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(player, buttonName)
	if buttonName == "NewGame" then --//Reset the player's existing night if they selected new game
	teleportService:Teleport(GAME_ID, player)

Is there anything I can really do to combat this issue? Or do Roblox servers just suck? Not too sure.


Sadly this is just how Roblox Servers work and there is no real way that is known at least to my knowledge to fix this. You should instead put this in scripting support put this in here or some other category. That is why you should add a teleportGui to tell the players that you are getting teleported.

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