TeleportService should give more insight and control over traffic to the current server

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to control access to any given server in our games.

At the moment, TeleportService gives no access to info on what players are currently queued to join the current server. Furthermore, it gives no control to reject players’ access. Both of these cases are important, as I’ll explain below.

With the recent introduction of memory stores, matchmaking as been made easier than ever. It’s not without its flaws though, as a number of cases may arrise:

  • Queued players may not be available anymore, and there’s no efficient way to tell whether or not they are
  • A teleporting player may take longer to teleport than you wish to keep your other players who already arrived waiting. There’s no way to know if they are still in teleportation or if they just left
  • Should you wish to swap a slow loading player with someone else waiting in queue, you would still have to deal with that player once they arrive by just teleporting them back to lobby. It makes a lot more sense to just halt their teleportation and leave them in the server they’re in

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I would have a stronger control over my game’s traffic. In the case above, this would allow my scripts to understand much sooner when a new player needs to be pulled from the queue to replace an original intended participant, in turn keeping the players who already arrived waiting for a shorter period of time.


Thx for the feedback! Could you share how long do you usually wait before searching for a replacement player? And how often do you see such cases happen?


The experience of having to wait for slow loaders comes as a player rather than through developing. At times you can have to wait up to minutes for your party members in games to spawn after a teleport, or at other times they may have disconnected or failed to teleport. It isn’t too uncommom either as it tends to be their connection rather than an issue with Roblox, aside from the larger ‘teleport failed’ issues in the past.

The aim of this feature request is more-so aimed at having a more clear understanding of when to find a replacement player, to make falling back on a timeout limit less frequent. I’m needing to program such a system soon and it would be very helpful in the very least to understand what players are on their way still vs what players aren’t for any number of reasons.

Should a player not be on their way anymore, pulling a replacement player could happen sooner rather than later by knowing this info. This is helpful to make sure that across all instances players are waiting the shortest amount of time possible to begin playing the game after teleport.