TeleportService should have a timeout option when trying to teleport


I’m developing a shooter game on Roblox, and need to split it up into multiple places (for different gamemodes). As a result, I need to do a lot of player teleporting after they hit the lobby place and decide where to play. If a player wants to join a friend, that’s simple enough with the TeleportService API.

However, if the player that is being joined is in a full server, the function will wait until a spot is available. At that time the player will be sucked in. As far as I can tell, there is no way to prevent this. It would be quite ideal for me to be able to inform the user that the game is currently full, and he should try again later (So he could perhaps go join a different game while he waits).


Support! This has a few other possible applications as well (detecting failed teleports, etc.).


I feel like there’s a lot of improvements that should be made to TeleportService soon. Anyways, support.


Support, I have a similar situation that this could help with.