This is another version of my CreateServerAsync.

TeleportService:CreateServerAsync(Array players, Int PlaceId, Boolean Locked)
returns game.JobId

This one is slightly different, instead of creating the game server with no players there, it will require at least 1 player to be teleported to the new game server. This may make it easier to create from my last version of this.

The Locked parameter is to stop players from joining it through “Join Game” on someones profile or through the server list.
So the only way you would be able to get into the game server is by a teleport request from within the same universe.

As mentioned, CreatePlaceAsync is hacky, and we need better setups for matchmaking.


  • You can only start 1 game server for every 5 people in the universe
  • You can only start instances of a game in the same universe, all game server creation is usually for the same game, or should be anyway, for matchmaking.
  • If the game server has Locked = true, then only that specific universe may teleport people to it.

You appear to be asking for something that is already very simple to do. I have even written out the code to execute it below.

function teleportToNewInstance(players, ...)
	local id = game:GetService'AssetService':CreatePlaceAsync(...)
	if id then
		for _, player in pairs(players) do
			game:GetService'TeleportService':Teleport(id, player)
	return id

What we really need is a method to teleport players to a new server, rather than a new instance. It would make everything much easier.

But its not very practical to create places every single time you send players into a match, not to mention updating the places.

We need to simply be able to create a new game server, and teleport. Without creating new places.

Edit: As far as bloating, this is needed for Proper match making.

[quote] We need to simply be able to create a new game server, and teleport. Without creating new places. [/quote]I assume by instances, you meant server instances and not place instances. Please make that clearer in the before mentioned post.

Sorry, I am terrible with naming and such. Updated the post.

I am going to bump this at this time. We could use feedback from the admins on the idea.

yes yes yes

What I do for my private island servers is create a new place once per paid person per version. I use datastores to save their place’s id so I don’t have to make a new place every time.

This would be used for proper matchmaking though, not really private islands. This is for creating a new game server, then move all the players that are suppose to be in it, so say an FPS, where you put high ranks into a match, or a clan battle, something like that.

The handling of what server people should go in can be decided by HTTPService, or adding in another feature I posted, the Singleton server.

This topic is, has been, and always will be intentionally ignored by roblox staff, and I have no idea why, as it would make my RTS three times better than it is now… :-/

Even Shedletsky said that he would pay 10$ for a copy of risky strats with good matchmaking, and its not really possibly without proper ways for matchmaking.

At least if the engineers said “Hey, this is a good idea, but the issues are: this and that”, that would be great. Then we can think further on how to solve those issues. We’re developers, and here for a reason.

I would pay 1000$ to roblox if they decided to make this feature, and I would donate the devex money from the sales of private servers on my game too. But that’s besides the point, it seems the fact of life that they just won’t.

I would even pay for it if it required buying the feature on your place, so if you want access to be able to create servers, pay 1,000 robux 1 time payment on your place or something, and that could stop teleport spamming.

Now that we have someone at roblox specifically assigned to be tortured by our requests, and to intermediate to the gods on our behalf, I ask for an official word on what’s happening with this much wanted feature, as having this would make me excited to work on my RTS again, it’s kinda getting stale knowing that my RTS can never be like a real RTS because of the lack of matchmaking.

The admins always said they would make something. Pretty much a year… and nothing. How many threads have been made for this topic anyway? :confused:

Enough that I remembered that one existed, and searched for it, instead of making a new one

And no, the admins have just blanket ignored it in the past, that’s why it’s so crucial that we have someone in developer relations now, we can actually have someone to point this question at with force! :evil:


How soonish? a week, a month, a year, I’d like to know, as if it’s somewhere within the months range, I might keep working on Control, just to try to hold out for the feature, instead of planning to shunt the game off onto a dev team to take or something.

Thank you! :smiley:

Davidii is our saviour

I think Clone had so many places for servers made with Murder that he got to the point where his new places are like “CloneTrooper1019’s Place 52000”. :stuck_out_tongue: