Tell me your opinion, plis

I need your opinion



Tell me how to improve

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To be honest with you, I prefer the reality over the expectation, yes there are some parts that could be change/fixed, but in my opinion, the reality looks more aesthetically pleasing. Here is what you could improve on…

  • Add some lines to the middle of the road.
  • Make the cross-walks slightly lighter because they look a bit grey at the moment.
  • Add traffic lights for pedestrians.
  • Add grass.

The road crossing lines should be thicker and shorter. The different parts of the sidewalk are uneven. Nice build though! :+1:


I may be wrong, but the driveway to the left/right look very small in proportion to the normal lanes.
You could save up save space by making the empty lanes a bit smaller.

Here is a picture of what I mean in case I am unclear:

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  • Expand on the inside spacing, it needs to be more square like.
  • Decrease the darkness of the lights, make them more grey as that is more realistic.
  • Decrease the crossing lines sizing upwards, allow it to be flat and natural.
  • Move the spawn below the ground or somewhere else.
  • Add detail to the sidewalks, add chairs, letter boxes, street fire hydrants, etc.
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