Tell us how players found our game

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to get any sort of useful acquisition analytics. In developer stats, there needs to be a section dedicated to just reporting top site traffic to the game page. This ideally would also include play rate, follow rate, purchase rate, and so on, for each different location.

This should not only be limited to Roblox web links; it should display links from any other allowed off-site link. Wouldn’t show what specific links it comes from, would just say “Twitter”

A neat feature of this would be to know which game sort the click comes from.


Bumping this feature request that has never been responded to.

User acquisition pathways are the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to our available game analytics. Often times we can have boosts in player counts that we are unable to properly capitalise on because we don’t know where the people landing on our game page are coming from. I know that Roblox themselves would already have this information so the work required to get it to developers would be negligible.


I think this might be a manual solution to this problem.

You could in theory post links with different LaunchData to each social media platform you advertise. An example would be:

This is a very manual solution that involves a lot of work on the developer side, but it is now technically possible.

This does not solve the issue of where the player has joined from on the Roblox website (home page, discover, sponsored?)

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It is not a solution to this problem at all. It is a solution to a different issue.