I’m trying to make a game where you can create places but CreatePlaceAsync results in an error
The issue is I keep getting the same TemplatePlaceCannotBeCopied error.

I’ve tried:

  • Looking on the DevForum for solutions
  • Looking on developer.roblox.com
  • Enabling create and save settings in the Configure Place page
return function(owner, name, desc)
	local worldcount = #(worldDS.owned:GetAsync(owner.UserId) or {})
	local newworld
	local suc, res = pcall(function()
		newworld = assetservice:CreatePlaceAsync('World', 6340605856, 'A new world')
	if not suc then
	worldDS.owned:UpdateAsync(owner.UserId, function(old)
		old = old or {}
		table.insert(old, newworld)
		return old
	worldDS.full:SetAsync(newworld, {
		id = newworld,
		owner = owner,
		name = name or string.format("%s's Place No. %i", owner.Name, worldcount + 1),
		description = desc or 'e',
		thumbnail = 'rbxasset://textures/ui/GuiImagePlaceholder.png',
		active_players = 0,
		max_players = 12
	return newworld

Are you just trying to make the place, or trying to teleport to it as well? I don’t understand your goal, if you’re just trying to create places or utilize them somehow. EDIT: Are you testing this in studio? That could be your problem, try to test it in game.

I’m just trying to create a place. I tested this in Studio and Roblox application

You need to define asset service with
local assetservice = game:GetService("AssetService")

Sorry I’m on my phone and this is the best I can do trying to review the code, aha.

Oh I have, its just above the function.

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So place copying is enabled, right?

Yes it is _______________________________

Yeah I’m not entirely sure what your issue is then, I don’t have a lot of experience with this specific question. I’ll link the dev fourm posts I found about it, which I’m sure you’ve already seen, but on the off chance you haven’t thats probably all I can do to help right now.

Can’t find created place

HTTP Error with create place -maybe this can help assuming you don’t already have HTTP service enabled