Temporarily, can we be allowed to post bug reports on behalf of others

Upon recent times, I have been asked by several members both experienced and inexperienced in using the forum if I can post a bug report on their behalf after it has been plaguing their development experience, and alas since the new post approval system is overdue and with no signs of appearing anytime soon (Except increases in dev rel team size being a potential indicator) I was wondering if we, as regulars, are allowed to effectively ‘post approve’ bug reports by members and post them on our behalf as a complimentary service.

Now, obviously this could lead to a decline in quality of bug reports and since the post is made under our name we should be made to take full responsibility for any bad bug reports that we post, however I honestly don’t see any drawbacks of granting regulars this temporary privilege since as it stands there is no other ways for members to report bugs, they may be stuck with an annoying issue for months before they can finally alert the relevant people.

The only thing currently stopping us from doing this is rule 13:

The main principle of this rule seems to be in relation to not using your role for profit (charging to make posts in restricted categories, however 13.2 is quite blunt in saying that you cannot make any posts outside of bulletin board for people.)

Despite this, this rule was last amended in January of this year, when post approval was still in place. So I was wondering if this rule could be temporarily changed to allow for this makeshift post approval alternative I have proposed in this post.

And whats a forum meta post without a nice poll? :stuck_out_tongue:

  • I believe this change should be made
  • I believe this change should not be made

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Why can’t you just post it on their behalf without specifying it?
I feel like if you open the devforums too much, it’ll get filled with bad content, better to just filter it through ranks.

I believe this would be an alright temporary fix to the issue, as long as you can reproduce the issue yourself. Then again, if you could reproduce the issue, you wouldn’t be necessarily posting on behalf of another since it’s a bug you face.


Arguably despite morals there is nothing stopping me from reporting an issue and just not saying that Im doing it on someones behalf, however this is still technically breaking the rules despite the fact it is impossible to realistically prove.

This is hardly going to cause problems in this sense, as regulars we know what posts are good and which posts are bad, hence why I compared this to being a ‘temporary post approval’.

This works in most cases unless its an issue you are unable to produce for whatever reason wether it be access rights or device.


It’s great to see that you’re requesting for people in the role of ‘Member’ to be able to post in #platform-feedback, though I honestly agreed that the #development-discussion was opened for ‘Members’ but some 'Regulars or even other ‘Members’ got bothered that newer ‘Members’ are beginning to put off-category or irrelevant posts, and even myself was a little bit bothered to see such a change, but I still appreciate that ‘Members’ can create topics there, as some ‘Members’ are trustworthy to use that category. Opening up #platform-feedback for ‘Members’ though is not something we should recommend though, because without Post Approval, one thing that will destroy the #platform-feedback category is useless or irrelevant posts going to be made by newer ‘Members’ of the forum, which we all wouldn’t want to see. Keep in mind that #platform-feedback is a category where Roblox Employees are able to view Bug Reports and to fix them, opening this for ‘Members’, will make a new wave of non-relevant posts to be made by inexperienced or newer ‘Members’, and clogging it up with those threads isn’t going to help Roblox Employees to review actual bug reports as the category will be full of non-relevant posting.

I think, as a temporary solution, ‘Members’ should be able to type in a bug report via messaging a certain group here in the Roblox Developer Forum, or they could just send a bug report via Support - Roblox.

As stated in

I’ve actually been thinking if we should post it in behalf of others, and this should not be implemented, as users can report the bug reports or feature requests themselves actually, and DET already stated that they could file Bug Reports or Feature Requests by messaging them, as also stated by @sjr04.

Or they can DM DevEngagementTeam A couple of DET members have closed posts that were bug reports in the wrong category, in the lock notice they stated you can DM them about your bug report/feature request. And I know a couple members who have gone through this process. We can’t open the entire category to tl1 when only the minority of these users will actually be able to use the process correctly.

That’s what I’ve stated in

Actually, I agree with your statement here, if DET already made a statement that ‘Members’ should DM them about bug reports of feature requests, this should be the only temporary solution until they could find a new team to replace Post Approval, rather than temporarily opening up the entire #platform-feedback for TL1 users.

yea I wasn’t disagreeing with you or anything, just that almost nobody is aware of this new unofficial process.

You can reproduce the bug and if it’s actually reproducible, you get to submit a bug report with the proof of you and someone else that was able to reproduce it which would be likely more convincing.

To submit on a behalf without checking, I’d say shouldn’t be done. That would sound like making an exception to a rule against posting for others.

I am aware that both cases of this are a violation of the rules, however this post is less a question and more of a request if the rules can be altered to allow for this ‘community-run’ PA, since currently I believe the rules are outdated.

I think I made it clear throughout my post (and I would advise you re-read it since I noticed many inaccuracies in your response) is that I do not want members or simply be able to post in platform feedback, instead by members acting as ‘post approval’ they can make a judgment in wether or not the post is appropriate for the category and deal with the consequences if it is not.

Once again, opening up the category is completely not the solution however given regulars can already post here they should be aware of the rules of posting meaning there is a ‘screen’ of sorts to avoid crap posts getting through.

This is what my entire post was proposing that regulars should be allowed to post for other members at their own discretion.

As this post is made this is an unofficial system and therefor should not be taken into account on any judgment, I believe it it currently done at DET’s descetion.

Customer support does nothing. I sent a bug report to support, (change the registry to temporarily fix it), and the reply is “If you’ve solved it, I won’t take action anymore.”

That’s completely false, if you reported to customer support and does ‘nothing’, why did they even made a customer support department for Roblox?
I think why you claimed support does ‘nothing’ is that because when you report a user via Roblox Support, it may appear that they did not do anything but they’ve probably taken notes or recorded the report to the moderation record of the user, same thing with bug reports, if you file in a bug report there, they’d probably take notes or record it.

Filing a bug report via Roblox Support, is actually useful, and some users report there if a website vulnerability issue maybe a security issue.
In general, by common sense, Roblox created support for users to have an ability to contact Roblox Employees, and what you said that support does ‘nothing’ is completely false.

I highly doubt they would reply like this if you’ve sent in a bug report, unless if the problem has been solved, and what you said that they claimed ‘I won’t take action anymore’ isn’t one of the ways Roblox Employees would message a user if there’s a problem.

You can tell people to reach out to @DevEngagementTeam if they have an urgent bug report and are willing to follow the format.

Even if you were to post for someone else, you don’t have to mention the original user. It’s not relevant to the bug report if you have a clear enough repro (which you should). So this doesn’t really need meta discussion, you probably already know all of this.

Please use other existing topics for discussing ability to post in Platform Feedback