Terrain Crashing, Reverting and Spawning Holes

This bug occurs when there is a massive amount of terrain and there are parts inside that terrain. The bug will shut down your game in studio, revert the last progress from 5-10 minutes ago despite publishing and will often mess up the already successfully generated terrain.

This bug has been happening very frequently and is a massive inconvenience for building a city with terrain as a base. To replicate, I created terrain from parts (generated) about 7-9k studs wide. Then I started building on top of it, especially building with large parts in that terrain to generate more mass. Eventually I found myself crashing every 5 minutes and returning to all that progress lost or broken.

This bugs happens in Team Create. I disabled it which removed the crashing mostly but the terrain is still being broken and generated with holes.

This started happening last week but I haven’t used smooth terrain in years. Mainly because of reason like this. Hope the issue gets fixed. Here is a link to the place.

Update: Disabling Team Create seems to have reduce most if not all the issues. I’m still leaving this open in case an administrator finds this useful. It would still be nice to work on this massive map with my teammates in studio. I’d also like to note they didn’t crash and we both have high end PC’s but I was the one working on the terrain.


can i get access to this place please?

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please post a screen shot with team create disabled.
thank you

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I gave @martianrobot a copy of the place. @TheKatorium do you have any more specific details about this bug? I was playing around in a copy of your place with TeamCreate enabled, moving parts around and spawning terrain without much issue.

Hello. I was in the team create with @TheKatorium during the issues listed at different intervals (over the span of a few days). Watching it happen, the parts were moving through the map extremely slow, sometimes jumping around, though that could just be replication. Whenever he got kicked out, the parts being moved would be deleted but the outline around the parts would stay highlighted. The map would also kinda just spaz out until it gave the images produced.

I do not have any screenshots, however, we could try to reproduce the bug and record it.

Edit: It seems to happen when the parts are being moved and they are intersecting with the terrain at the same time (using the move tool).


Hey Khanovich! The main issue was there were large parts deep within the terrain mass that I was using to convert with. Even before converting those parts, the place would crash after 5-10 minutes and revert. What’s interesting was my friend in Team Create didn’t see the game revert and saw old selection parts from plugins I was working with from when I was kicked. Let me know there’s any more information I can provide to assist with this strange bug. I’ll be continuing working without Team Create but this may cause issues once we start putting the project together this summer.

So, Katorium said that the outline is because of Archimedes (he was using it to use smooth curves with the terrain).

Now we are thinking maybe it’s an issue with the plugin and not with team create?

If you need us to join a team create so you can watch it happen, then I’m available and I think Katorium will be too.

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And do you still have issues when not using this Plugin?

Any chance you can record a video of what happens on your screen when this bug occurs? I feel like the screenshots don’t do it justice.

I’ll try and replicate the bug tomorrow when my friend is back online. I built this whole island with that plugin and maybe all those calculations + team create + the massive terrain was a bit too much going on. We’ll get back to you shortly if we’re able to recreate it. Thanks for your patience.

Ah this is an issue I have had in the past, very frustrating.

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Very interesting! What plugins are you using for this glitch?

I’m the creator of Archimedes.There is a known issue where preview parts can sometimes stick around after the user crashes in Team Create (which I will work on fixing tomorrow). It shouldn’t be causing anything to happen to the terrain itself, though (i.e. creating holes).

When you attempt to replicate this tomorrow, if you’re able to narrow it down to actually being caused by Archimedes, please update (@) me on the repro steps so that I can patch it.

Edit: I’m currently testing in Team Create with Archimedes and converting the parts into terrain and then purposely crashing myself in the middle of it. I’m able to repro the preview parts issue with Archimedes, but not the reverting/spawning holes problem with the terrain.


Yeah I don’t think any of this is your fault by any means. I’ve been using your plugin for many years on a daily basis and the only issue I’ve had is selection parts spawning and having to unlock them and delete.

Also off topic but I really love your plugin. It’s made my life so much easier. Thank you!

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For the record, I am not trying to blame anyone for anything.

I’m just trying to figure out the simplest way I can repro this. @Scriptos, when you generate parts with your plugin, do you ever manually generate CFrames using CFrame.fromMatrix or even the raw input that lets you set the Position and Matrix entries?


For parts, it’s just the existing CFrame of the selected part multiplied by CFrame.Angles() and then multiplied again by an offset CFrame. There are calculations done to figure out the rotation and the offset values, but the actual final application of these values is as simple as this:

selected.CFrame*CFrame.Angles(rotation.X, rotation.Y, rotation.Z)*offset

Models get slightly more complicated but that doesn’t seem to apply here.

I don’t think either of us think that you’re assigning blame, by the way. He’s just letting me know that he isn’t entirely sure if Archimedes is actually the problem (since he brought it up).

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Okay, I was finally able to reproduce this. Has nothing to do with Archimedes, but Archimedes made it way easier for me to reproduce. Here is the scenario that I was able to reproduce with.

Steps to Repro:

  1. Make sure TeamCreate is enabled
  2. Use Archimedes to spawn a HUGE amount of parts in the map.
  3. Use this script in Command Line

for i,v in pairs(workspace:GetChildren()) do
if (v.Name == “Part”) then
workspace.Terrain:FillBlock(v.CFrame, v.Size, Enum.Material.Rock)

  1. Hit Publish and close Studio ASAP.

What happens is that this change is TOO BIG to be sent in a single update so its broken up over multiple packets. Unfortunately, its possible that you don’t send all the data so when you close Studio the only things the server receives is the partial data.

I’m going to get in touch with the folks that work on TeamCreate to see what can be done.


Glad we were able to find the root of the issue! Thanks for working with us to resolve this and make Roblox even greater. Best of luck at headquarters!

Yeah since I didn’t actually solve your problem, my suggestion for now is to see if you can make terrain changes in smaller chunks when using TeamCreate. And this shouldn’t be an issue with TeamCreate off.

There are a few points of failure that are easier to get snagged on if you make a HUGE change in a single frame.

  1. Your client may crash before all the data is sent to the server.
  2. The server may not get all the data from the client for the above reason or another.

This is definitely something we need to fix on our end since I would treat this as a form of “Data Corruption”. Thanks again for the report.


Was able to replicate today. This seems to be an issue with how much terrain we have. When I was scaling parts, he would see it much slower. Another issue we countered was team create wouldn’t shut down or even publish until we both left and only one of us returned to close it. Of course the terrain I generated and parts spawned were not updated when I returned.

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