Terrain editor minimum height is now suddenly too large

I opened Studio today to find the Terrain Editor had changed its docking position (which typically means it was updated or something changed), and now it is stuck with a minimum height that is unnecessarily large, meaning I cannot dock it, and it breaks my docking layout when I collapse the ribbonbar and force it to dock into a space where it cannot fit.

My resolution is 1920x1080.


Seem to be a timing-bomb from Terrain editor: Terrain Editor popping up during testing or opening up Roblox Studio

Related bug: If you thought that that height was ridiculous, see what the terrain editor looks like when it’s docked at the top of the screen.

It’s so large, you can barely even see the strip of studio down below. This is as far as it’ll go height-wise, and I find little reason for such a large editor.

Even with such a large editor, the tabs don’t make use of space. It’s all left-sided, despite it being impossible to change width-wise.

Lastly, the FoV changes so much it’s comical.

This appears to have been fixed.

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To update: What’s going on here is that we did a significant code refactor to the Terrain Tools internals (it now shares a lot of GUI code with the Toolbox).

This should not have any visible effects on the Terrain Tools, but being a very large refactor, some new issues were introduced. The change has been reverted until we can fix them.


Thank you for your feedback. I think your example might be followed by all Roblox Staff members, informing us about problems and fixes.