Terrain Editor Update [Beta]

Agree with this, the erode feels way sharper in terms of how it affects the surrounding voxels

Although its good you’re making these changes, releasing this fully seems premature - the erode is completely broken in my workflow, its extremely slow at small sizes making any sort of detailing on the terrain extremely difficult.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, I feel that there is also a great lacking of features that let you add large amounts of terrain quickly.

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Hey, could you mabye implement the option to switch between the new spherical material icons and the old square pictures? It’s still very hard to see the materials on low-end screens like mine. Labelling them would also be an option.
I know hovering over shows the name, but doing that severely hinders the workflow. :slight_smile:


Can we bring back pivot positions on the sculpt tool? Cylinder + Top Pivot + Sculpt was the cheat to making the smoothest most laziest hills imaginable

Seconding this, I’m having a hard time finding my desired materials now because most of them look like gray blobs at a glance. This is especially apparent for earthy materials like leafy grass, ground, mud, etc.


I’m experiencing issues trying to use the smooth tool on terrain right next to water when the Ignore Water box is checked. I would expect it to just smooth only the land, completely ignoring the water, because right now I have to remove the water, modify, then re add it back when I’m done, and it’s quite tedious. gif of it not working

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This should now be resolved: Sculpt Subtract is painfully slow at small Brush Sizes - #8 by ProtoValence

I’m still looking into fixing this, unfortunately the fix I had prepared for this week seems to have caused an uptick in errors.