Terrain / Map making?

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I have a question!
The question is:
How can I make a good low poly terrain for my game?
I tried to make one in Blender 2.8, with the “Landscape” plugin, and its so bad in ROBLOX.
So much bugs around the mesh, the player is on five feet high, if step on the “Terrain”.
And I got so many times the ERROR message from ROBLOX Studio: To many triangles :frowning:
I searched up Google, and Youtube… but I found nothing about it. I found some plugins…
The plugins I found thats: nah… :confused:

If you have good ideas, how can I start making Low Poly terrain to my game, please write it to the comments!

Thanks! :slight_smile:


When I crate low poly terrain I usually use this plugin it’s really easy and simple to use


If you’re hoping for a low-poly cartoon style, Blender is your best bet. There are plenty of tutorials on low-poly terrain out there (without using a plugin).

Here's a link

Blender Low Poly Terrain Modeling Tutorial - YouTube
Make Low Poly Terrain: Blender Beginner Tutorial - YouTube

Otherwise, Roblox studio is a great alternative.

Low-Poly on Roblox

Some low-poly trees and waterfall I created on Studio:


I got this plugin when it is free. And I created a 100x100 or a 250x250 platform, and I maked a “Mountain”
Some people tried it, and they sayed: “If I get near to the mountain it is so laggy”


It’s an old plugin, that’s why its laggy.
Here’s the updated version:


There is a newer version but you have to pay a bit more for it


Ugh. So I need to get some ROBUX for it! btw. thanks for you r help! :heart:

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You are welcome!
Here are some more tutorials but found on the forum:

This one is for version 2.79:

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I find this video very useful, and he creates great maps for the game, “Anime Cross 2”.

This video was very simple and fast, which allows you to create something decent within maybe around 10-15 minutes, even if you’re new to Blender. Link here.

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