Terrain texture seams don't blend colors

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On graphics levels < 8, the seams in terrain with different texture colors don’t blend properly.

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This happens all the time as long as the graphics quality is < 8. Repro.rbxl (11.3 KB)

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Its happening to me with a GTX 1080


I’ve ran into an issue when creating the map for my game. I use the sand material in addition to the snow material to suggest differences in terrain. Stuff like roads, pathways I’d like the player to take, etc. The sand material is the same color as the default snow color.

The problem is that at lower graphic qualities, the edges of the sand material begins to fade into the default sand color. This is obviously undesirable and I’m wondering if others have encountered this issue before.


At highest graphic quality:

At graphics quality 7:

The cutoff here seems to be at graphic quality 7. It doesn’t even seem to smoothly transition when you change the graphic level. Here’s a gif of this behavior:

It’d be best if this didn’t happen at all. The color should stay consistent no matter the graphic level.