Terrain Water Limitations

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to make realistic water to your liking.

I wanted to make terrain have very large waves to simulate in storms, but currently the max wave height is only 1. Not to mention, water only uses sine/cos wave (that’s what it looks like anyways) making it impossible to have really good looking waves.

The only other option is to add my own water, but we all know how that would fail (updating thousands of triangles every frame… what a joke, unless someone has secret methods…)

To fix this, I have two possible methods:

  1. Allowing wave height to be greater than 1, add wave size in width as well (so we can have long waves.)
  2. Allowing us to set the algorithm (not totally sure how this would work as I don’t know how the terrain water is coded, but you get the picture)

An example I came across recently of what I would like to be possible:

Another nice addition (for future) is to allow certain sections to have different water settings. I believe this was already mentioned in a feature request in the past.


I ended up watching the whole YT video O_e
Such details and the effects!

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I almost watched it two times. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I was making a ship game, I would definitely look at that game for inspriation. Sadly, we can’t do that stuff on roblox, (hopefully) yet.

The thing with smooth terrain water is that wave size doesn’t affect physics at all, so if wave sizes that are larger than 1 were to become reality, it would purely serve an aesthetic purpose.
It would look pretty weird if wave sizes larger than 1 were possible without having some impact on the in-game physics.


Hopefully there would be an option to enable physics for waves.


Even 2 years later, Terrain water is still very limiting in terms of styling it to your liking. It’s like that thing that’s there… but you can’t really use it. I’m building a ship game, and well… Even though I can create some decent storms the water will be forever calm. And that’s just disappointing. I’m hoping Roblox won’t skip over this in the upcoming Custom Materials and that those Materials also work for the terrain. But water in Roblox seriously need a revamp. The current implementation is nice and awesome for general games using water. But for a naval game where water is the #1 mechanic it’d be nice to have a lot more control over it. Rather than having to choose between parts, or smooth terrain, fake water or real water… or an impossible combination of both.

This paired with water culling would be great.