TerrainRegion bug with team create mode locks developers from opening the game

I was trying to get terrain from one place and copy it over to a place with team create mode. I called the Terrain::CopyRegion method and parented it into Lighting with this line of code:

workspace.Terrain:CopyRegion(workspace.Terrain.MaxExtents).Parent = game.Lighting

The new object was created successfully, but merely copying and pasting the TerrainRegion into the game with team create enabled causes the entire place to crash. To mitigate this situation, we had to disable team create, insert the object, copy the terrain over using Terrain::PasteRegion, and then enable team create. Little that we know that enabling team create with the TerrainRegion object in the game would cause the entire team create to crash and lock us out of editing the game.

Note to admins: This is the place in question. https://www.roblox.com/games/597979886/Project-Aurora

Two requests to the admins:

  1. Please clear the game and disable team create so that we can upload the latest version once again. We have favorites, visits, and whatnot on this game so I’d rather not throw this game instance away entirely.
  2. Feel free to dissect the linked game (prior to clearing the game to an empty map) to decipher the bug!

Pinging @Polymorphic so that he can state his consent to the admins to follow up on the two requests (as he owns the place we are collaborating on).

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Similarly, reverting the place version does absolutely nothing and I have since still been locked out of the game.

Very annoying bug.

Similarly, I’ve ran into a locking issue with one of my games. Here’s what I get when attempting to join:

I noticed that there’s an empty place existing in studio view mode, but on the website the place I’m trying to access to is right there.
Dead Night: Game Server is the place I’m trying to get into

Notice how there’s no Dead Night: Game Server in here

A refresh of the studio windows cleared that problem, but I’m still experiencing the packet processing error.

Gonna be bumping this because it’s a pretty important bug – what is the status of this bug?

We’re looking into this issue. I can verify it’s the TerrainRegion causing problems. We had a fix for a similar problem, but it seems to not resolve this.


I’m having this problem. Is there any way for me to get back into my game? It’s very important.

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Ping. Is there any followup?
Got back from my absence; just asking on behalf of @TheGuyWithAShortName.

I’m experiencing this bug in July. :frowning: Except this is happening on group places as well.

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It happened to me on a group place as well.

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Was about to report this since it blocked us from developing then noticed it was reported 5 months ago.

This is a development-blocker for team create.

We are actively working on this issue. However, we are trying to fully resolve the issue instead of applying a quick patch, so please bear with us!


This is still a serious issue.

Hey Everyone,
This issue should now be fixed, and you should be able to access Team Create places which have TerrainRegions in them. Thank you all for your patience.


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