Testing My Capabilities?

How can I test my scripting capabilities?
How do I know where I am in scripting?
Is there a list of different projects w difficulty so I am able to determine where I’m at?


Honestly I’m a beginner to coding Lua but something I’ve found helpful is going into random games picking something out and trying to code it myself. For example, I’m currently trying to replicate SizzleBurger’s cooking system since I’ve always had an interest in building cafes and kitchens. Not only will this allow you to see how strong your Lua is but you might have some fun along the way.


Interesting… That’s actually very helpful, I appreciate it. I’ll do that from now on!

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You can think about weird fun ideas and script them in game. I made a game about my friend raging and learned how to use PlaybackLoudness. This is a way to learn, but also to test your capabilities if you don’t use any help like the dev hub.


@starmaq has a good Coding Challenge series here on the Devforum:

There are also lots of great coding sites that offer mini-challenges, which you could try to implement in Lua.

There’s no measurement which can objectively say “you are a rank B scripter” or whatever. Different people specialize in different things, and people tackle projects differently. Don’t feel like you have to prove yourself, though, everyone grows differently and the important thing is that you’re consistently putting in the effort to learn at all.


What if he doesn’t want Lua mini-challenges but Roblox Lua mini-challenges? Which is what he’s looking for.

No offence here but Lua and Roblox Lua aren’t the same and I don’t think that he’s asking about Lua mini-challenges but rather Roblox Lua challenges.

The same skills apply, (i.e. being able to think your way around the problem and implement it in code) and you can accomplish the exact same things with a GUI instead of the io library if you’re really worried about the difference. I also linked starmaq’s challenges which are intended for Roblox Lua.


Some of the skills might apply because Roblox Lua has disabled features of the Lua’s global library plus Roblox Lua has some added features on top of the Lua’s global library and I heard that it even has some C# or C++ librarys attached to it, learning it could cause somewhat of a confusion for him instead of just learning Roblox Lua right away actually, they are both somewhat different and shouldn’t be treated the same.

This is why I said that Lua isn’t the same as Roblox Lua.

You could technically find a way around it but it will be hard, and you will have to still learn Roblox Lua, learning Lua doesn’t teach you the PathfindingService, DataStoreService, MarketplaceService and so on…

General skills, like being able to think your way around a problem in the right way or convert a general idea into code, are a lot more important than memorizing syntax. You can always check the docs to figure out what function to use, but being able to break down the problem in a way that’s transferable to code is a much more important thing to practice. That’s why it’s almost always much easier to pick up a second programming language than it is to learn your first one — you just need to learn the syntax the second time instead of the syntax and how to program in general.