TestRemover - remove TestEZ files with ease




If you’ve ever used TestEZ you’ll know that many .spec.lua files can fill up in your project.

I too was in a similar situation and releasing my project would be near impossible, henceforth I have created TestRemover.

TestRemover is a simple CLI that outputs a directory which is a copy of your source directory without the test files. TestRemover is not just limited to .spec.lua files and can infact remove any file ending with a configured suffix.


Please see here on the different options to install TestRemover.


Take a look at the repository’s README for how TestRemover is used.


I am widely open to any feedback, please leave a reply or submit a PR!

Please note that TestRemover is licensed under MIT, meaning that I do not have any liability for if it is used incorrectly.

Thank you

This is my first proper program in Rust, I thank any of you for using it!


Why would you do this? What’s wrong with keeping the .spec files around?

There’s no reason to include the .spec.lua files in your release, they increase the file size or add to the amount of files synced if it is used in a Rojo project.


So does it remove temporary files and free up some space? I do like the idea but you would do a better job about that

  • Checking RAM for junk files
  • Checking scripts for useless loops etc.
  • Not taking the code too far

That will be useful for games that have such alot files

Those are beyond the scope of this program’s meaning. It is simply a CLI to remove test files.


Still a good idea I like your programs keep it up

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