Text Filter APIs should perform basic rudimentary filtering in Studio

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to know if your filtering implementations work correctly. Text does not filter in Studio (so that Roblox doesn’t have to expose their backend for filtering, presumably), which means there’s no way to tell if you implemented it right without booting up the game on a real server.

Roblox should perform very basic text filtering (e.g. common swear words or niche phrases like “FILTERME”) so that developers can more quickly know if they’re using text filtering appropriately. This means that the behavior could be implemented without Roblox having to use any external services.

Recently, this arose as an issue in the Developer Forum Discord where a user tried to debug their filtering problems. After a good bit of time trying to figure out what they were doing wrong, they then asked “Does filtering generally not work in Studio test mode?”. This shows that this behavior is not intuitive for developers.


It is now 2021 and there hasn’t been any official response regarding this request, so here I am. @Kampfkarren has already done into detail about the specific use-cases that I commonly come across. During my time as an accelerator, I was creating a custom chat system but was pretty frustrated I would have to join my game just to test the filter quickly, and this goes for other features such as filtering user-inputted text.

Would love to see some transparency behind the seemingly-intentional design to prohibit Text Filtering from an already cloud-based studio.


Some basic text filtering would be a nice quality of life change for testing filtered text in studio. I’m surprised that it still isn’t possible to do any basic text filtering in studio after all of these years. If I want to work on a game in one place, I need to push my update to the main place whenever I make changes related to filtering text so that way I can ensure that it works. That’s obviously not a good practice, which is why I usually need to use a separate place, which is a little annoying.


This, or anything that solves the same problem, is still necessary.

It’s extremely confusing as to why it’s just not possible to filter text on the local IP.