Text not filling Chat Bubble

I currently have a system where if you interact with an NPC the NPC will say a random quote. To achieve this I am using this

ChatService:Chat(NPC.Head, pickRandomQuote(), "Blue")

Which just uses the Chat method of the ChatService and picks a random quote from a table.

However, the text does not fill up the entire chat bubble and instead gets cut off

Does anybody know why this is happening. Is there a way to scale the text in the bubble? Or is there a maximum amount of characters per bubble?

I tried breaking the line in the quote but that just cuts the text off even shorter, I have no idea where the rest of the text is going. I also tried changing the chatservice settings with SetBubbleChatSettings() but those didn’t do anything either.

Bugs like this are Roblox’s UI. I think it varies on your window size or resolution, but I could be wrong. I recommend making a custom dialogue. Or if you want it to show for everyone make your own chat bubble using SurfaceGuis.

Here are some open-source plugins for those: