Dialogue Maker [Beta]

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Notice: If you’re having an issue with the plugin, please DM @DemonZestrial or @Sudobeast or send the issue to this thread. Please do not DM this account because I rarely check the forum using DraconicChris. Thanks!

I created a dialogue editor plugin that makes creating dialogue for NPCs a little easier.

I was inspired by @Davidii’s Dialogue Editor. It’s a pretty similar plugin; it has conditions and actions, but it isn’t node-based. It was pretty hard developing with his plugin on a laptop without a mouse, so I made it easier for myself by making it based on parents and children. It also uses a widget for its interface.

It comes with a lot of settings including text speed and different ways the dialogue can be triggered.


You can get the plugin here, learn how to use it here, and check out an example here.

The code is open-source on GitHub! Right now it’s a mess, so I plan to make the plugin more efficient soon.

Also, I know the default dialogue UI is kinda bland, but I plan to make a tutorial for devs to easily make their own themes.


This is a very cool plugin! I also can’t wait to see how easy it is to use!
Thanks for making this! :+1:


No problem! It’s my first attempt at publishing a plugin, so if you find any issues with it, please send a reply here! :+1:


No way! This is so helpful since I can’t script!


This is very neat, Is there going to be updates to it, or just the way it is for now??? :blush:


I’ll definitely push updates to this plugin for a while!

If you have any feature requests or bug problems, you can always reply here! I add features I plan to add and bugs I plan to fix to the issues page on the GitHub repository.


That’s so awesome, i look forward to seeing what this ends up becoming as a end result good work!!!


nice maybe add keybind when click “E” or someting else on the keyboard so is can actually display the dialog on the screen and you can add also name to the npc at the top center of the dialog frame and you can add also options to teleport players while speak with the npc but i am like the rich text that you using is very cool. i am rate that 8.5/10


That’s a cool idea. I’ll put that down.


I don’t know if this is already a feature, so here we go.
One thing I’d like to see, is if we could have an option to fire a RemoteEvent if the player clicks one of the buttons, so we could make a quest menu pop up or something like that.

I’m probably gonna get asked this, so here we go, I do know how to use remote events, I’m just recommending something that will help more people use it.


I think that’s already possible with actions.

All you gotta do is press the circle of the response under Aa (“Action after”), and you can run code (including firing RemoteEvents and invoking RemoteFunctions).

Action.Execute is the function that gets ran after the response is clicked.


Oh! Thanks! That is good to know, because I’m making an RPG with a group of friends, and needed to know how to do something like that! :crossed_swords: :grinning:


I just saw this super cool module @Defaultio made that parses rich text way better than what I did originally. It changes specific sections of fonts and colors, which is totally amazing.

This is really helpful for the upcoming update I plan to release for the Dialogue Maker.


This is great, 10/10!
I also have a idea for a future update, you could try talking/clicking sounds on the npc like this:

(Notice the talking and click sounds)

I also will be using this plugin for some of my games :slight_smile:, good job and thanks for creating this plugin!


I’m bumping this because I want to say this is a very good plugin!

Also could you use it for quest givers?

Note: I’m using this for my game and I’ll make sure to put you in the credits for the dialogue!


How does he work with large texts? Very large texts?


Definitely! Using actions will allow you to add code to give quests. You can even hook up a BindableFunction/Event in there if you made one!


It should cut off the text and then the rest of the message will be shown when you click it again.


This looks cool and very helpful, keep it up!
Can we change the GUI design? like adding the new UI corner feature.


Of course!

In reply to @DraconicChris: ok thanks :slight_smile: I will probably use it for quests now