Text Not Wrapping Properly on Mobile

Hi folks,

I’m having an issue where text within a text label, within a frame, within a GUI is not properly wrapping. I am certain that the text label and frame sizing and positioning do not push outside of the bounds of the containing element, and I’m certain that both text wrapped and text scaled are selected.

When viewing in Studio the text wraps properly regardless of normal, or emulated view. I checked every single emulated option and the text is always displayed correctly. It is only on an actual mobile device that the text does not wrap.

Screenshot from my actual phone (Galaxy S9) - see right side please:

From Studio - Standard View:

Appreciate any insight!

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This should probably be moved to the Art Design Support category because it’s about GUI :slight_smile:

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This plugin will automatically scale and position your GUIs correctly on all devices, [Plugin] Auto Scale for GUIs

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I assume it’s an anchor point problem, and not a text wrapping one. Change the anchor point of the text label to X 0.5, Y 0.5 and its position to SCALE X 0.5 and SCALE Y 0.5.