TextBounds? more like NotReallyTextBounds

Now that we have that terrible roast out of the way let’s go to the core of the problemo.

Text is swag. It’s obviously taking ~50% of the TextLabel.

According to TextBounds it’s taking about 90%. This isn’t changed by setting the rotation to 0 or to any other setting.

Changing Font to Legacy now tells me the text doesn’t even fit in the TextLabel.


I think it was @ConvexRumbler who made the last font update, which I believe might have been the cause of this.

Looks like the issue occurs when using TextScaled. (It’s just assuming that the actual size of your font is Size96, and it doesn’t account for the size scaling)


Wow that could be it.

Yeah, TextScaled unfortunately messes things up. You need to either manually edit the text size using textbounds or use a consistent size. This same problem occurred in Heist for me.

This is not new bug, but rather old one. We have this problem already in back log.

You’ll get a better response if you leave out the rude comments, by the way.


I was able to fix this problem by making the GUI huge momentarily and then checking the TextBounds value. It appears that the value doesn’t work if the text doesn’t fit.