TextChatService Designate custom ChatInputBar

With the release of the new TextChatService (New In-Experience Text Chat System Public Release!) it opens up new and improved handling to how Chat works. However, it is currently missing the ability to set a custom ChatInputBar.
ChatInputBarConfiguration | Roblox Creator Documentation
Under this class there should be a property to be able to set a ChatInputBar and allow the service to function this instead of the native one created by the service. Using this new input, there would be an event triggered when user is typing to allow developers to be able to handle any visual effect of the user typing.


I like where you’re headed with this idea.
Could you not set up a normal TextBox to simply listen to ChatInputBarConfiguration events and properties as they update? Is there a step that you’d prefer the API to automate or handle?

This is more or less how its done with the default UI FWIW:

local textBox: TextBox = createTextBox()
local chatInputBarConfiguration: ChatInputBarConfiguration = TextChatService:FindFirstChildOfClass("ChatInputBarConfiguration")

textBox.FocusLost:Connect(function(wasEnterPressed: boolean)
    local targetChannel = chatInputBarConfiguration.TargetTextChannel
    if targetChannel then

That’s precisely what I’m thinking of it with. I wasn’t taking into thought of listening to events as I believe it would be handled by the service on that aspect.
ChatBar.FocusLost > Service checks for targetchannel internally > sends if one is given, errors if one is not given


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