TextChatService is now the default for new experiences!

Thanks, unfortunately this isn’t quite granular enough for my need. I would like the Chat Window to be aligned in the top left, as it is by default, but offset by a bit, moved downwards (preferably using a UDim2). Is this possible?

I have a number of feedback points to give about the new system.

It would be very useful for me if there were a way to mute people in the chats. Many admin scripts come with mute commands that stop players from being able to speak until they are unmuted by an admin. This is very, very useful in group event situations. The admin program I use’s mute command currently does not work with the new TextChatService. Not being able to mute players during group event situations is a big detrimental factor when it comes to adopting the new system.

Bubble chats seem to be plagued with bugs, right now. They don’t seem to fade away like the old system and they seem to frequently be placed so low that you can barely read it. I will provide an image of this happening below:

WidthScale on ChatWindowConfiguration does not seem to do anything beyond values of 1. This is an issue for me I would like to edit the new chat window to look more like the LegacyChatService window. You see, this is another large hinderance to my adoption of the new system. I simply prefer the LegacyChatService window over the new chat service window. As the new chat window is much skinnier than the LegacyChatService window, it would be nice if I would make it wider so that it can be more in line with the old window. I assume this is simply a bug.

Continuing with that point, I would like it very much if the new chat window could have an editable “UICorner” like the bubble chats do. I would like to make the new chat window’s corners into sharp corners, rather than the rounded edges it has now, but adding a UICorner object into the ChatWindowConfiguration object does not seem to affect it.

I would like it if the “TextChatService:SystemMessage()” trigger could be used from the server. I simply do not understand why that is not allowed right now. I have read it is because some users may not be allowed to see what is in the system message whereas others may, but I believe that individual users should be made to properly set their games up to account for this. In my case, on the old chat system I display a simple message that so and so team has captured a point when that point is captured. In the new system I have to set up a remote event that fires for all clients whenever the said point changes hands. I just think it would be easier and makes more sense to allow system messages to be sent by server scripts.



Is there any way to modify the behavior of the background fade here, like:

  • how long it takes to fade
  • what can cause it to fade (can it be event-based rather than timer-based?)
  • the transparency once it’s finished fading (I would prefer it be slightly opaque, it’s hard to read text against the sky when there’s little contrast)
  • if it even fades at all — the developer could want to make it remain as it is, or choose to make the “fade” instead be an animation where the chat box quickly shrinks to size 0


(I cant make bug reports since i’m only a “Member”, and not a “Regular”, so im posting this here).

Essentially the developer documentation stated that you can remove “TextSources” by doing TextSource.Destroy() ,

however when attempting to replicate this in studio via a local script, this returns a error. Not too sure if the documentation wasn’t updated correctly or what.

Here’s the script that contains the line “message.TextSource.Destroy()”

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Does anyone else have the issue where chat history only shows from the moment you join the game?

The legacy chat shows messages that were sent before the client joined. I didn’t see a setting for this, so I assume it’s a bug?
EDIT: wrong reply, sorry :wink:

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Yo the bubble chat still has bugs in it


When typing characters such as < and &, they get converted to &lt; and &amp; respectively when hooked to Player.Chatted and TextChatService.MessageReceived.

Is this by design or bug? Because it did not do this in the Legacy Chat.


please for the love of god @be_nj make it so that the colon after a message is the same color as your name by default :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:


Hello, for some reason I am unable to make a bug report in #bug-reports but I will post it here because I really want to help.

  • There’s a glitch with the new chat where sometimes the end of messages get cut off (Both in the bubble and in the chatUI) It hasn’t happened to me but I know someone who’s on mobile who’s had it happening. It happened in this game:
    Furry Fandom: Hangout - Roblox
    Note It only happens sometimes, not all the times.
    Their device is a Samsung Galaxy S21 running Android 11 and it also happened on an android tablet of theirs, personally it hasn’t happened on my iPhone.
    Another note When people were writing commands in the chat, such as :refresh (Using a TextChatCommand), it wasn’t fired because the message was cut off, this indicates that it might not only be a visual glitch!

  • Another issue I’ve been reported is sometimes the chat bubble doesn’t appear / it appears and then suddenly disappears, it also happened in the same game and I actually have a video that shows what happens. They are running windows 11, they have tried uninstalling ROBLOX, remove the appdata and removing studio but it keeps on doing it. It seems to only been happening with the new chat.

Thank you for your continous support and active listening for bugs, I’m really happy to see this refreshed chat become better and better!


Futhermore, another glitch happens with the chat bubble when zooming out with the camera. Instead of putting the messages in order, it gets the chat bubbles in a complete random order. It’s not inversed. A video is attached to this post to show the issue.


it annoys me that textchatservice is still so buggy with how long it’s been released…

like, i’d love to use it… if it didn’t make chat bubbles immediately disappear, or if it didn’t randomly mix the ordering of chat bubbles, or if it actually let me see what i’m typing past the first line.

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For the time being, here’s an example of something you could do to get around this:

local escapedForms = {
	['&'] = '&amp;';
	['<'] = '&lt;';
	['>'] = '&gt;';
	['"'] = '&quot;';
	['\''] = '&apos;';

		for i,v in pairs(escapedForms) do 
			if string.find(message, i) then
				print(string.gsub(message, v, i))
				-- Do whatever

I’ve been having the message cutoff issue as well, can’t figure out why it happens. Also happens infrequently, but enough to cause issues with players communicating.

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the error is exactly correct, it is :Destroy not .Destroy

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The code is wrong. It should be message.TextSource.Destroy(message.TextSource).

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I wasn’t talking about my code, more rather the one listed on the developer documentation, as it literally says “.Destroy()” instead of “:Destroy()”, however when I call the method “.Destroy()”, it provides a error, therefore I am asking if the developer documentation was updated or not, or whether if the code itself needed to be changed to include the “.Destroy()” method.

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@be_nj I’m not sure if this error is a result of the bug where the chat bubbles don’t appear/disappear too quickly for some players, but if it is hopefully this helps.


Hi, thanks for reporting these issues. We will release a fix soon for the chat bubbles being in a random order when zooming in and out.

We are actively investigating the other 2 issues you’ve mentioned. We’ve gotten report of the chat bubble appearing/disappearing in the past but have never been able to reproduce it. Could you give us more information on how to reproduce the issue and which devices you’ve seen this on?

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Can we get an ETA on when this method will be enabled? I switched all of my code to the new method, as the dev hub website has no indicator that the method isn’t enabled yet. I have to switch everything back for the mean time since it doesn’t work. :frowning:

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Is it possible to delete an existing bubble before lifetime runs out?

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