TextChatService now Supports Autocomplete for Emojis and Commands!

Hi Developers,

We are happy to announce that TextChatService now supports Emoji and Command Autocomplete on Desktop!

How to Use

  • You can trigger emoji autocomplete by typing : followed by non-space characters
    You can trigger command autocomplete by typing /

Upon being triggered, the autocomplete window will show with matching suggestions. To select an emoji or command, you can click on it or scroll and hit enter. Additionally, you can also insert emojis by typing out the full alias followed by a closing :.

Developer Customization

  • The autocomplete window will follow your experience’s ChatInputBarConfiguration appearance customizations.
  • Command autocomplete will automatically support any TextChatCommands you create, as long as the alias begins with /. To learn how to create a custom command, please see the following guide: In-Experience Text Chat System
  • We’ve also introduced a new property, ChatInputBarConfiguration.AutocompleteEnabled, that will allow you to disable autocomplete. This will be set to true by default.

What’s Next

Currently, this feature is only supported on desktop platforms, and we will work on releasing this to mobile. Additionally, we’d love to get your feedback on this feature.

These changes are part of our efforts to improve TextChatService and make it suit your experience and users’ needs for text chat.

Please note that we are not actively maintaining the legacy chat system anymore, so if you haven’t migrated to TextChatService yet, please follow these instructions, and let us know your feedback!

Special thanks to @fturquoise for their awesome work to make this happen, and to @daweezy99, @subtleshuttle, and @tiffblocks for their support!


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Great to hear this, will make chatting among Players much easier and more customisable! Won’t now need a whole new script just to support emojis in chats.


Thank you! Now I can avoid typing long and complex queries!


I very much like this I’ve wanted to have emojis like this for a awhile. Nice job roblox.


Will this have support for custom emojis, or other types of inserts?


This is a great update! I think many players on the platform will appreciate it a lot!


Built in slash commands, “emoji autocomplete…” Doesn’t this seem familiar to another app? Discord perhaps? I’m not saying that in a bad way, I’m glad its coming to this platform. I’ve tried to use my own system like this in my games yet its always laggy and doesn’t function as it should on certain devices.


Oh my god finally, no more copy pasting needed anymore! I had to implement this on my games and they were so buggy on people on mobile and lower resolutions. This is a really good feature!!


Another really neat addition to the TextChatService ! :happy3:

The plausibility to add custom cmdlet’s is also something I’m excited to mess around with, perhaps even a nice place for developers to organize their admin/moderation commands in an all centralized spot across games?

Thanks Engineers for this! :happy1:


This is actually cool but can we get a Lua-level API to define a custom autocomplete in the textbox

I hope that the option for the legacy chat service doesn’t get removed down the line, or atleast the APIs that power it to work, I’m pretty sure people have probably made custom chat systems that also rely on the SetCore APIs

I should also mention that the Legacy Chat System | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub page is still on the wiki but isn’t linked to anywhere.


I feel like this is comparing apples to oranges… They’re entirely unrelated platforms???

Really nice feature though. After all this time, I’m glad to finally see an official emoji autocomplete implementation! Having easily accessible emojis has been a mobile advantage for who knows how long, it’s awesome to finally see them coming to desktop!


I’m very excited to see this feature! :grin:

But could we also have some sort of drop-down menu?


Great feature. Although I believe it should’ve been released along with a few already existent customization options like the prefix of the commands. And I feel like no matter how many options you guys give, it’s never gonna be fully enough to be able to fully customize it. Other than that, this will still make alot of stuff much easier to do.


When trying to type emojis the old way with letters (such as for example :o or : D) and then hitting enter they automatically get filled and it becomes a different emoji such as in this video. Can there be a way to make the user have to click the autofilled emoji for it to actually turn into a emoji?


Actually you can just hit space before enter and this won’t happen so nevermind



This update brings a lot more flexability to TextChatService, yet easier to use once again. Curious to see what it brings to the future.


THANK YOU FOR THIS. This is one of the best TextChatService updates in a while!! Making a commands system will be so much easier now!


Would be nice if TextChatCommands had a Prefix property that allowed you to specify the character(s) it starts with. It seems a bit restricting that autocomplete is only limited to slash commands.


it looks great now you don’t need to type different combinations on the keyboard to insert emoji into a message


I am used to using the tab key to accept autocomplete suggestions across many services. This is not present here currently, could this functionality please be added?