TextScaled property of RobloxRoundButton is broken

Not a huge thing but I noticed that I can’t read the text on my robloxroundbutttons anymore. The normal text shows up fine but when I check the TextScaled property on it, it becomes really hard to read.

I noticed it yesterday and I hadn’t changed the buttons in a while so I think its a roblox update. Custom buttons are still fine so I might switch over but I like how these fit in the UI I’m working on. Is anyone experiencing something similar, or is there a fix I need to implement on my end? image


Hi @iamnoamesa - thank you for the bug report! I’ve tried reproducing your issue using the following steps:

  1. Open baseplate level.
  2. Create a ScreenGui.
  3. Under ScreenGui, create a TextButton.
  4. In the TextButton properties, select “RobloxRoundButton” for the Style property.
  5. In the TextButton properties, toggle the TextScaled property on/off.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue - I also tried playing around with the value of the Text itself and the TextSize, but still couldn’t repro the issue.

Would you be able to share a place file that shows the issue, or provide a list of steps/video to help repro this issue?


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Hi! Sorry for not getting back, just saw the reply.

Not sure why it isn’t reproducing for you but my studio and joining the private game shows the text as tiny. I took one of the buttons and put it alone in the baseplate here, does the text look normal to you when you open it? It has textscaled but it scales super small for some reason.

It might be a studio setting I have toggled thats now bugging out. Broken Text.rbxl (21.3 KB)

Just edited to remove sensitive code I forgot to remove.

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Hi @iamnoamesa! Thanks for attaching the place file, I’ll take a look.

Hi @iamnoamesa - thanks for the place file, that was a big help! I’m able to reproduce the issue now. It seems to be an issue related to using scaling values for position/size/anchor point in conjunction with the TextScaled property and the RobloxRoundDefaultButton styling.

It may take some time to push out a fix for this, so you may want to consider workarounds in the interim. Apologies for the inconvenience, and thanks again so much for reporting this issue! :pray:

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