TextStrokeSizePixel Property


As a developer who mainly focuses on interfaces, text has been a really big issue for me and I’m sure it has been for many people. One annoying feature of text is the TextStroke. TextStroke is limited to 1 pixel in size and this can be a bit tedious if you are using a really large font size but can only get an outline of 1 pixel. I suggest that a pixel size property be added to the TextStroke so that it is more of an outline and can be much more useful in interface designing on Roblox.

Make solid TextStrokes
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Is there any reason why this hasn’t been implemented yet?


If I had to guess, it would be lack of attention. I do believe that this feature should be added however, so any attention by Roblox would be amazing.


If you want to increase the chances of it being implemented, you should add tangible use cases where you want to use such a feature.


For the same reason shadows, bevels, glow, contours, etc. would be a welcoming change – it broadens possible design choices.

As it stands currently - if you want to avoid flat text, you need to either:

  • Use hacky solutions

    • Doesn’t scale for lower resolutions (looks horrible on mobile)
    • Can exponentially increase render times
    • Maximum of 3px outlines
    • Doesn’t work on all fonts
  • Upload images

    • Cannot be changed in post
    • Takes time to download subsequently taking a lot of memory
    • Scales horribly on higher resolution
    • User input is impossible

Text is arguably one of the most important aspects of UI/UX and has gotten virtually no attention since it was launched back in 2009.