Texture compression and weird pixel grains after importing to studio

I am having a pressing issue when my textures are uploaded to studio. They are poorly compressed and have pixel grains along with a slight addition of purple and green color in some areas. This may not be noticeable if you do realistic texturing but it really affects persons who handpaint their textures.

Primary Example:
Left: :white_check_mark: Right: :x:

As shown in the image above, on the left is how the texture ought to look while on the right is a display of the issue I am having and no this is not regular Roblox compression because that would only make the image look blurry when you get closer which would be normal.

I have noticed that right after importing to studio the texture is exactly as it should be, however, a few minutes after it passes Roblox moderation and you rejoin studio this is when the issue becomes present. This was not always the case when importing textures as I have imported many handpainted textures in the past and they were fine.
This actually only happens when the texture is applied on any mesh/ roblox part which includes instances such as (surface appearance,decal, texture id slot of a mesh part etc). When the same texure or even the id itself, after it goes through moderation and registers, is applied to a screen gui->image label it looks exactly how it should.

Date of my first encounter:
I believe this started happening around May 14, 2023 after a studio update.

Solutions I have tried:

  • Different file formats (png, bmp, tga etc.)
  • Reducing file size even further before import
  • Using a bigger resolution and allowing Roblox to automatically resize and compress

The results of this issue also carry over to in actual game.

More Examples

Another texture that shows the purple and green pixel discoloration
Left: :x: Issue Displayed Right: :white_check_mark: How it should & usually looks

Texture shown on a decal:
Green and purple gradient discoloration that is not on the original image.

Same texture id shown on a screen gui image label
No pixel grains, no discoloration and looks as how it should on a mesh

A private message is associated with this bug report


I have also seen this issue before, but I wasn’t sure what caused it. Hopefully it can get fixed.


Very interesting… I’ve experienced this before also. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.


Yeah, both the pixel grains and color shifts are compression artifacts. We applied compression to most textures (there’s exception e.g. UI on PC) for both memory and performance reasons. So this isn’t technically a bug. However, we recognize that this isn’t ideal and noted the feedback.


I see that makes sense now! Thank you so much for the insight! Is there any chance that this does go back to normal or done another way preventing these results?

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Hello, just checking in again on this as the more models and textures I continue to make, the more I become dissatisfied with the compression quality. This is seriously affecting my art style and I am pleading for this to be changed. Thank you! I look forward to your reply.