Texture in game looks different to texture when game is run in studio

I recently published a game to roblox and upon playing it, the colors of the textures look very different to the ones that were shown when running the game in studio.
for reference here are images I took:
run in studio:

in game:

Both screenshots were taken with the same graphics quality of 5

I really don’t know what is causing this, help is appreciated


  • armeb c:

Did you add any colour correction or lighting effects when you were running the game? If so, then they don’t save when you go back into studio and you’d have to apply them again then publish it. That’s all I can think of that may be causing the issue.

Run your studio graphics setting at 21 (max) and then play it with your in-game graphics setting at max (10) to compare how they are supposed to look.

I did have lighting effects applied to my game, but they weren’t applied while running the game in studio.
additionally, I’ve run the game without lighting effects in studio and in game and the problem still occurs :c

Here are images taken without any lighting effects, the problem is still visible :<

in studio:

in game:

This is currently happening to me too, hadn’t seen this post.

It might be a bug, but I can’t post in bug reports.

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I had this problem before and that was because my texture was INCREDIBLY SMALL. I just simply made a different texture that was 10x bigger than the original and it works fine.

So is the texture your using incredibly small as well?

Look like the texture is broken,In studio The tee trunk is brown,Ingame it’s green

the problem has been solved. The issue was using a texture that was too small
refer to this post for the solution: