Texture lost when exporting OBJ

Hey Graphic Designers, So recently I was putting characters and renders into blender and I noticed when i rendered it the outfit came out so as the face but some hats on it had texture lost.

STF, CWHP, VOIDSTAR, Black and red (the girl hair with a red band on it NOT UGC)

texture ;

I’m not exactly why it isnt rendering the accessories that were on it? I exported it as an OBJ and all of the hats grouped as normal: image

Any tips?


This is a bug:

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I think this happened for changing the size when uploading the mesh. You upload the texture as a Decal and after that go to properties and put the Decal id in texture.


Unfortunately, it probably is a bug. However, you could perhaps work around this by applying the fedora’s texture onto the one you have, though it may take multiple tries to find the desirable position.