Texture of Roblox Models not showing up in Blender

Textures from my Roblox Model(Which is a science lab), when I import it into Blender, it has no texture. I’ve looked for solutions but it seems that UV unwrapping is what I have to do. I don’t know if it is the right solution, so can anyone help me.

The same has happened to me before. I checked my files, and there was a separate texture file along with the model file.

What was the file called? Was it an mtl file?

If you’re referring to the Roblox materials not displaying on parts in blender, this might be a suitable solution -

I’ll try it out but from what I’ve seen it only works with cycles?

It was created before eevee was added to blender, but eevee is still able to display it because of how compatible it is with cycles materials

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It was a .png file.
I had exported the classic roblox sword, which gave me a .obj model, and a .png texture.