Texture overlaying

Hey there!

So i recently discovered that if you put a decal on a transparent block, while there is a texture behind it, the decal on the block goes semi transparent as seen:


Is there any way i could overcome this without removing the textures behind it?

Here’s what i want for it to look like when this problem is fixed


Any help would be appreciated!

This looks like a depth-sorting error. It’s a known thing in Studio and the engineers involved have said that it won’t be changed due to it being tied to mobile performance in some way.

There’s a feature request for this though:



So if i’m correct this isn’t being planned to be fixed due to it interfering with mobile performance?

And is there a manual way to overcome this? I know one way to do it is by tracing the edges of the paper decal on blender, but i’m not that good on blender.

Thanks for the help! :+1:

Moving it further away from the wall, say, with a nail or hook, would make the depth sorting favour the paper since it’ll physically be closer to the player.

That doesn’t mean it won’t “flicker” if the player moves to be against the wall itself, but at least it’ll be visible when the player is directly in front.

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That should do the trick. Thanks for the help! :+1: