Texture Stretching Issue

Hello, I’m having some issues texturing a tree, apparently the textures are stretching in some parts of the mesh, but in some other parts they’re totally fine. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

If you find a fix, let me know.

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Hey. I’m having the same Issue, but I think it’s somewhere related to the mesh. I honestly don’t know.

One question, is the tree all a mesh?

It is not necessary, thanks, I know what the problem is, since the tree is a complete mesh from the trunk to the branches, the texture is stretched because it must cover everything, and that is why it looks that way, instead it does the trunk outside would not be that problem.

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Yeah the entire tree is a single mesh.

That solved my issue here. Thank you.

You’re welcome and I’m glad.

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Thought it was going to be a fix but did not seem to work! The texture is still trying to stretch across the whole thing when it isnt even necessary.

In this case it’s probably the texture.

I’m telling you because I had the same problem and it was solved that way.

Probably not, I’ve seen many texture issues made by meshes themselves, not the texture.

Idk probably there must be something with the mesh.
hey Ayrrows. May you please post a photo of the mesh and it’s wireframe to me check?

If you want you can pass me the texture you need so I can try something.

I’ve tripled basically all the tree bark texture at cc0textures, none have worked.

I have tested a Wood texture on a random Tree model and the texture does not stretch.

its not the texture, its the UV maps. go back to the mesh in blender in edit mode, select the whole thing, and run a ‘smart unwrap’ on it under UV settings. then export as .obj and put in roblox :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve been wondering that.

@Ezmoreth is correct, fix the UV map.

To expand on their answer though, if Smart UV Project doesn’t work, you might have to go and mark your UV seams by hand and unwrap normally.

There’s lots of guides and tutorials on how to do this on YouTube and Blender-related sites, forums, and wikis. The Roblox Dev Forum is not the best place for these Blender questions.