TGI | Divisional Information

TGI | Divisions Information

This document shall explain each of The Genesis Imperial’s divisions and the purpose of each one.


Active Divisions:

Active Sub-Divisions:

All divisions follow strict guidelines set out for them by the division leaders.

These are known as either codex’s, handbooks or simply guides.

A user may join one division at a time and unlimited sub-divisions.


Imperial Guards

Imperial Guards is the elite guarding division within TGI that is primarily tasked with the protection of SRs in TGI and IG. Imperial Guards are presented with a sword, shield, and an LMG.


Entrance to Imperial Guards can be achieved via completing the entrance program. Discord invite can be found within the TGI | Divisions Discord.



Welcome to The Genesis Imperial’s security division! We are strict when it comes to getting duties done. NightWatch units have to guard certain areas and they must have decent skilled combat. You must be in the group “The Genesis Imperial” first and be rank sergeant in order to join NightWatch. This division will not tolerate immaturity when it is not needed. When you see a NightWatch Overseer you must protect them. Disrespecting a NightWatch Overseer will be a punishment.

“Light For Our Allies, Darkness For Our Enemies!”


You may enter the division by a tryout . The tryout for NightWatch will be hosted by a NightWatch Official. You will be tested based on your combat, skills, communication, and teamwork. You will also be tested through formations and how you react.



The official enforcement division of TGI. Tasked with keeping and enforcing rules, as well as being some of the most exceptionally skilled units in TGI.

Requirements are:
Maturity, combat skill, knowledge on the Scroll of War. Must be Sergeant to become a member. Units below Corporal can still tryout, but they must get to the rank of Corporal before being accepted.


Passing a tryout, the endurance stage and a patrol examination.



Overwatch is the most elite and prestigious division in TGI. We need to be phenomenal at combat and must have good grammar.


Entrance to Overwatch is only through personal invite from the Captain-General or Inquisitor, and tryouts which will be hosted in the main and Overwatch discord which can be found via the TGI Divisions Discord.


The Royal Guardians

The Royal Guardians are The Genesis Imperial’s elite sword fighters. They lead us into victory in all raids/defenses that are sword based. Only the best of the best are allowed in this prestigious, elite division.


You may enter this prestigious division via attending a tryout or by a personal invitation from the Leader him/herself.



MEND is the official healing division of The Genesis Imperial.They are tasked with ensuring the health of all other units within the TGI border is at max whilst holding off the raiders.


You can gain access to this division via attending a tryout or by being invited by the Commanding Officer.