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Welcome to The Genesis Imperial’s Scroll of War. In this guide you will find everything you’ll need to know in your journey through The Genesis Imperial. As a member of The Genesis Imperial you are expected to know the information listed here, and there will be no excuses for not knowing it, not knowing the information will not be a valid excuse for violating the rules listed in this document.


Valor is how promotions are managed in The Genesis Imperial. You gain Valor by attending an event. An Officer/High Command members can give you up to 8 Valor per event unless specified otherwise within the shout.


Ranks & Positions


Civilian [CIV] | The newest members. To get promoted simply join the communications server.

Enlist [E] | New members of The Genesis Imperial.
Join The Genesis Imperial Roblox Group.

Low Ranks

Private [P] | First low rank of The Genesis Imperial.

  • Attend any type of event and obtain 15 Valor.
  • The other method is completing the Enlist to Private obby here.

Corporal [C] | Second low rank of The Genesis Imperial.

  • Obtain 30 Valor.

Sergeant [SGT] | Third and final low rank of The Genesis Imperial.

  • Obtain 45 Valor.

Medium Ranks

Staff Sergeant [SSGT] | First medium rank of The Genesis Imperial.

  • Obtain 65 Valor.
  • Event must be hosted by a Sub Lieutenant+

Sergeant Major [SMAJ] | Second medium rank of The Genesis Imperial.

  • Obtain 85 Valor.
  • Event must be hosted by SLT+

Commodore [COMM] | Third and final medium rank of The Genesis Imperial, this rank can host events with the help and supervision of an Officer.

  • Obtain 125 Valor.
  • Event must be hosted by SLT+

Officer Core

All high ranks are achievable by meeting the requirements and being voted on by the Majority of the Supremacy Command. All votes may be bypassed by the Director. Valor is no longer required for Officers.

Warrant Officer [WO] | First Officer rank of The Genesis Imperial, this rank and higher can host without a supervisor. This is the first rank that does not have to wear a morph in the city unless their division says otherwise or their character is against uniform regulation or is an absolute eyesore.

  • Graduate the Officer Training Facility as a Sergeant Major+ .
  • Master the ability to host trainings/events.
  • Pass a vote by all of the TGI High Command after hosting an evaluation via OCF.

Sub-Lieutenant [SUB] | Second Officer rank of The Genesis Imperial.

  • Frequently host more than the minimum requirement.
  • Actively participate in the group in general.
  • Show a basic understanding of moderation.

This rank and above are permitted to host J-EVENTS.

Lieutenant [LT] | Third Officer rank of The Genesis Imperial.

  • Continue to meet the requirements of Lieutenant that revolve around competency.
  • Show an incredible understanding of moderation.
  • Pass a vote from the entire TGI High Command.

Captain [CAP] | Fourth Officer rank of The Genesis Imperial.

  • Continue to meet the requirements of a Commander that revolve around competency.
  • Consistently show flawless competence in moderation.
  • Be voted to this rank by either the Majority of the Supremacy Command or the Director.

Marshal [MAR] | Second to last Officer rank in TGI.

  • Gained by showing immense maturity, discipline and knowledge whilst hosting events, speaking in chats and when speaking to a member of the Supremacy Command.

Field Marshal [FMAR] | Final Officer rank within TGI.

Developer [DEV] | Developer is not included within the rank structure of The Genesis Imperial. These members are the ones that create most of the assets for The Genesis Imperial.

High Command

All High Command ranks are achievable by showing extreme competence in moderation and combat as well as being voted for a promotion by the Majority of the Supremacy Command and the Majority of the High Command, this vote may be bypassed by the Director however should never be unless there is a very good reason for it.

Brigadier [BRIG] | First High Command rank of The Genesis Imperial.

Colonel [COL] | Second High Command rank of The Genesis Imperial.

General [GEN] | Third High Command rank of The Genesis Imperial.

Commander [CMD] | Fourth High Command rank of The Genesis Imperial. Commander and higher are essentially are permitted to do as they please, and are only limited by the discretion of the Director, However their powers must be exercised sparingly and wisely and all of their actions must act in the benefit of the group. This does not mean they can AA.

Head General [HGEN] | Head of all of the Generals and HCOM. Up to 2 users may be in this rank at a time.

Admiral [ADM] | In charge of maintaining activity within the community and observes the diplomacy side of TGI as a whole.

Deputy Director [DEP] | Second in command of The Genesis Imperial. Only two people may be in this position at a time and must be handpicked by the Director him/herself. These members are in charge of overseeing all decisions made within the group and general management. A person is not required in this rank. Strictly obtainable upon the order of the Director himself.

Director [D] | The leader of the group, V_1rtuaI. The Director reserves the right to do as he pleases and may lead the group in whatever direction he sees fit. The Director may temporarily pass his command on to a Deputy Director if needed.

  • This rank can strictly be gained when the current Director resigns and chooses one of the current Deputies as his transcendent.


Departments are main objectives split into groups of people. Any Officer+ can join a department of their choice. Any Marshal+ can lead a department should the current leader resign or give the ownership to someone else.

The current Departments are as followed:

Community - Ensures that the community is happy and all are complying with the rules.

Warfare - Users within this department ensure that all raids/defenses go as smoothly as possible. They also withheld the ability to plan them with other non affiliated groups.

Administration - These users look after all logs. They ensure that there is no potential AA and have the ability to grant admin to members of the Officer Core.

Recruitment - This department is all about ensuring that our recruitment statistics are growing at a good amount each week. E.g. 20% growth per week.

Diplomacy - The users in this department rely on external communication between allies and ensure that the bonds between us are not broken.

Officer Management - The users in this department ensure that the Officer Core are all doing their quotas each week and their jobs.


Event Information

Events , are an important requirement for the medium and low ranks as it is their main way of earning a promotion. They attend an event, earn the Valor required then move on to the next rank.

Rule Training | A rule training is an essential training used to make members aware of the rules. During this training the host should go over all of the important rules and regulations and mention where to find those he didn’t mention, then do a quiz on what was mentioned, the host should then make sure the passing cadets are in the discord and know how to use it and what it’s used for, then the passing cadets should be promoted to Enlist.

  • Sergeant Major+ may host these training sessions with a supervisor, or Officer+ without one.

Standard Training | An essential training used to prepare and train you for combat and discipline against other clans. During this training the host will either put you into teams for a Team Death Match and evaluate your skill afterwards based on stats or put you into pairs for 1v1s and evaluate your skills as a solo player. The host will then demonstrate discipline and awareness. There is a strict way of hosting each Disciplinary section of a training leaving very little variations. The host will explain formations from the guide, then test the attendees on what they’ve learned and then repeat that twice more for faces and either grammar jacks and hell jacks or grammar jacks and cheer jacks. The host may increase the difficulty of this process by having the attendees do multiple commands at the same time or doing them in sequences.

  • Sergeant Major+ may host these training sessions with a supervisor, or Officer+ without one.

Defence Training | A type of training on TGI’s base that practices the attendees teamwork to win. There should only be one round in this training and you don’t have to simulate the entire raid if it takes a long time.

  • War Department members may host these events.

Practice Raid | A type of training that simulates a raid on another group on a private server of another group’s base.

Raids and Defenses | When TGI attacks or defends against another clan.

Evaluation | When a Sergeant Major is having their training evaluated, more information on this is in the OTF Handbook that Sergeant Majors have access to.

All of the events above count for requirements, events below do not.

Gamenight | A fun event where you play a game unrelated to the group. This will usually be hosted by a member of the Community department.

Event | An categorized event. If it’s an original idea that hasn’t been hosted it must be approved by a Brigadier+ . If it’s an event that’s frequently hosted then it does not need to be approved. For Officers, if it’s hosted by someone who has never hosted a similar event then it must be co-hosted by someone who has.

  • After every training it is very important that the training is logged properly so members may use their event as requirements for their next rank. AKA gaining the maximum 8 Valor towards their next rank.
  • The only joint events that are allowed to be hosted with allies are combat training’s, practice raids, defense training’s and game-nights.
  • Divisional joint events are events between divisions and divisions or divisions and the main group. Divisional joint events can be every kind of event apart from warfare events like raids or defenses.

Rank Articles

Discord Moderator/Administrator - Discord moderators are responsible for enforcing the discord rules. Administrators are moderators with more power.

Ingame Moderator/Administrator - Ingame Moderators/Administrators are members of the HiCom that have been granted access administrative privileges ingame that their rank does not grant, these members have proven to be extremely competent in administrative duties.

Community Access - Members with community access have access to community announcements and are responsible for the entertainment of the day.



Shouts are used to notify members of events and give them all the required information they immediately need for attending the event.

Shout Prefixes

Shout prefixes are required to be used before every event shout.

The shout prefix is only to be used once every event.

[MD] - Used to indicate a mandatory training, all online Enlist+ are required to attend, if they can’t they are to be given 24 hours to the event being concluded to give a valid reason as to why they couldn’t attend to the host. If they fail to do this they are to be demoted. This event is to be scheduled in both #event-vote and announcements at least a week before.
[TRAIN] - Used to indicate basic training.
[J-TRAIN] - Used to indicate a joint training.
[J-PRAID] - Used to indicate a joint practice raid.
[J-DT] - Used to indicate a joint defense training.
[PATROL] - Used to indicate a patrol.
[RT] - Used to indicate a rule training.
[DT] - Used to indicate a defense training.
[P-RAID] - Used to indicate a practice raid.
[RAID] - Used to indicate a raid.
[DEFENCE] - Used to indicate a defense.
All the above events can be used for requirements, ones below cannot.
[GAMENIGHT] - Used to indicate a game-night.
[TRYOUT] - Used to indicate a tryout for a division/sub-division.
[EVENT] - Used to indicate an un-categorized event.


General Rules

Be respectful to everyone in The Genesis Imperial.

Exploiting, flaming, glitching, spamming, advertising or other similar malicious behavior will not be tolerated.

Any sort of discrimination of any kind towards anyone person(s) will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.

Do not admin abuse (AA); this includes both in-game and group admin as well as any other administrative permissions granted. Admin abuse can easily be classified as using unnecessary or abusive commands.

Any glitching of some sort will result in a punishment of a kick from the server and or a temporary ban of up to 30 days. Any Officer can kick/ban you from the game and any SR can tban you.

An Officer has the right to demote a unit for disrespect, glitching, team-killing or even just general attitude towards the Officer Core, do not question the Officers judgement, if you think they are making a wrong decision contact a member of the High Command.

Any toxicity during any official event (this includes game-nights) can result in a demotion and or a temporary ban from all TGI games.

When participating in a raid, you must listen to the raid leader at all times. If a VC is being used (usually will be) then you will be expected to have your microphones muted and only speak when told you can do, you also must speak in team chat unless allowed to do otherwise. This is a basic expectation and should be followed by all, failure to follow this simple rule will result in your demotion and or an exile from the group.

Do not beg for a promotion, doing so will result in removal from the event.

If you happen to have a report about an Officer then it should go directly to a member of the High Command, no questions asked. If you have a report about a High Command member then you should speak to one of the Deputy Directors.

When speaking to an Officer+ you must refer to them as either “Sir” or “Ma’am”. Failure to do so can result in a warning and further punishment if continued.


Border Rules

Team-killing within the border is strictly forbidden. Anyone caught teamkilling will be immediately removed from the game and will receive a demotion from their current rank. If an Enlist team-kills they shall be rank locked for one week along with a one week temporary ban from all TGI games.

Glitching outside of the map is forbidden and anyone caught doing so shall be server banned.

Abusing any bugs/glitches that you find will result in a server ban.

Clearance Levels

Clearance levels determine where you can go on the Border. The levels range from 1-5. Requirements for each clearance level are listed below.

Clearance Level 1 - Be an Enlist+ within TGI.

Clearance Level 2 - Be a Staff Sergeant+ within TGI.

Clearance Level 3 - Be an Officer+ within TGI.

Clearance Level 4 - Be a Brigadier+ within TGI.

Clearance Level 5 - Be a Deputy Director+ within TGI.

When asked to “ Display Clearance. ” you must do so no matter what rank is asking. The only exception is if your division has a no speaking policy.


Officer/High-Command Information

An Officer can give Valor at an official TGI event only. They can give up to 8 Valor per event. However a member of the High Command can give a maximum of 10 Valor, however they will generally not give anymore than they are supposed to.

Officers have the right to demote (or remove Valor) from anyone for breaking any rules, the punishment will often be more severe if it is a repeated offence or a rule has been broken to an extreme degree.

Officers must follow the command of the High Command unless their orders are against this scroll, then it should be told to their superiors.


Divisional Information

Main Divisions/Sub-Divisions - Here in TGI we have two different kinds of divisions, Main Divisions and Sub-Divisions. Main Divisions are divisions that are based around the border and do most of their operations on there, you can only be in one main division, Commander+ may be in two if they remain active in both as long as they’re not leading or in the High Command of a division already. Deputy Director+ can be in as many as they’d like. Sub-divisions are divisions not based around our city, you can be in as many sub-divisions as you wish as long as you maintain activity in all of them.

Division Rules:

Divisional units should always listen to an Officer unless what they are being told overrides their divisional codex or already have orders from a member of their division’s Hierarchy Command. Admiral and under are limited to being in only one main-division. If a unit is caught being in multiple main divisions without being granted special permission, he/she will be exiled from said divisions.

Divisional Codexes always have to adhere to the Scroll of War. There is no way to work around this.

Divisions led by someone under the rank of General may be assigned an Overseer if necessary. Although the Overseer will not be the primary manager of said division, should they deem it necessary to change the manner by which the division is run, they have full authority to do so. Usually, but not limited to, their interference would only be in order to protect the division.

Divisional issues are to be addressed within closed doors between the leaders of the divisions in question, or with whomever it largely concerns. Under no circumstances should there be a mob-mentality against a division for a quarrel or some issue that may have arisen; any issues should be dealt with through civility. If in the case that something relating to divisions ever gets out of hand, contact a Commander+ so that the situation may be dealt with.

Divisions are not official until they are allied to the divisions group and approved by the Director himself.

Divisional subdivisions are allowed, however if a Division wishes to add a subdivision, they must seek approval from a Commander+.

All divisional morphs must be approved by the Director before they may be added into the Border.


Drill Guide

This guide goes over all of the faces and formations and protocol you need to know. If there is incorrect grammar/formatting in a command then it is not to be listened to. The format for it is correctly capitalized with an exclamation mark.


Left face! - Turn 90 degrees to your left from your current orientation.
Right face! - Turn 90 degrees right from your current orientation.
Left incline! - Turn 45 degrees left from your current orientation.
Right incline! - Turn 45 degrees right from your current orientation.
About face! - Turn 180 degrees right from your current orientation.
Center/Centre face! - Face the host’s direction, this face overrides all others.
Control face! - As the host moves, keep facing him, don’t do other faces apart from Centre face while you’re in control face.
End control face! - Ends control face, center face can also do this.

A correctly formatted chain is as follows:
“Left face, right face, left incline, right incline, center face, centre face, control face!”
Anything before a center/centre face or a control face does not need to be done. Everything after it does.
If one command in a chain is invalid, the entire chain is invalid.


Wedge - Form a /\ shape behind the host. Your shoulders should be perfectly aligned. There is to be no space in between the shoulders, they should be touching.

STS - Form a shoulder to shoulder line in front of the host, starting from the closest side to the podium and going out. There should be 1 stud distance between everyone’s arms.

Left echelon - Form the left half of a wedge behind the host. Pronunciation - “Ec-elon”.

Right echelon - Form the right half of a wedge behind the host. Pronunciation - “Ec-elon”.

Shield - Form a wall in front of the host, facing outwards, 5 studs in front of them.

SFL/Single file line - Line up behind the host. There should be 1 stud distance between each person.
“Prepare, Forward, March!” - March behind the host.
“Prepare, Kick, March!” - March sprinting behind the host.

  • Every word in the past two commands are to be in different messages.
    “Halt!” - Stop marching and reform the SFL.

Double column! - Form two single file lines behind the host. The first two units should be in the first position of a wedge but with the spacing of an SFL.

Box - Form a box around the host with 1 stud in between the units and the host. First unit goes in front, second back, third right, fourth left. Others start layering the box in the same order.

Numbers! - Everyone in the formation will say their number followed by sir/ma’am. Going from a right to left pattern or front to back pattern. This is often followed with a command instructing even numbers and odd numbers to do something different. Example: “Even numbers one pace step back, odd numbers one pace forward, March!”.

Open order, march! - When in STS with 2 rows, the back row will move back 4 studs. If there is an STS with 3 rows the front row will move in front 4 studs. The middle row will stand still and the back row will move back 4 studs. So, if you’re in a position you have to move hold W or S down for about a second.

Close order, march! - Undoes open order march.

Inverted [Formation] - Any formation but done backwards or the opposite way it would normally be done.

(Number) pace(s) forward, march! - Step forward a certain amount of paces.

(Number) pace(s) step back, march! - March back a certain amount of paces.

(Number) pace(s) (Left/right), close, march! - March left/right a certain amount of paces.

A pace - How far you march in 1 second.

Right/Left/Centre/Center/Rear/Forward dress! - Align yourself with the person farthest to the stated direction.

Roll call - Each person in the current formation states their rank followed by Sir/ma’am! For example: “Director, sir!”.

Order arms! - Put your rifle away.

Arms at ease! - Arms at ease.

Present arms! - Aim your rifle.

Drill Procedures

Drill Procedures are rules you should always obey when doing formations.

  • The pattern for formations are always right to left or front to back.
  • Anyone intentionally disrupting a formation is to be amputated. Officers and divisional’s should not be amputated, instead they should be detained away.
  • Any commands that involves execution automatically whitelists units participating in the event, Officer+ and divisional units.


On the city all ranks are to be wearing the morph at all times. The only exception is Deputy Director+.

No big hats are permitted to be worn while on duty or in trainings. These include giraffe heads, big-heads, wings, etc.

No T-shirts of any kind are permitted to be worn unless designated for the group.

No accessories or articles of clothing that are deemed distracting in any way(such as producing noises, sparkles, or other noticeable effects) may be worn on duty.

You are to wear your uniform whenever you’re on duty, this includes while you’re patrolling the border or attending any event with the exception of gamenights or similar events designed for fun.

Custom uniforms are only permitted to be worn by High Command members, if you get approval from a Deputy Director+ to have a custom uniform it still must resemble the uniform of your rank. Divisional custom uniforms follow the same rules but you must get permission from the division leader to wear the uniform. Custom uniforms are uniforms made by other members of TGI to be used solely for themselves, uniforms are considered custom if they’re the original uniform with minor changes such as added parts or recolouring, it can also be considered a custom uniform if it is a uniform that is not from TGI, that has anything from the main uniform added onto it.

You are not permitted to wear the uniform of any division that you are not in without the explicit permission of the leader of that division. This also includes any of the older or previous versions of that divisions uniform.

You are not permitted to wear the uniform of any rank that you do not hold under any circumstances. This also includes any of the older or previous versions of that rank’s uniform.

Attempting to find ways, or finding ways to bypass certain rules and regulations within this document in any way will result in a rank-lock of up to 12 months.

End of Handbook

Written and signed on behalf of the High Command by:
Director - V_1rtuaI